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Custom Developed WordPress Plugins for Business

Seota Digital Marketing can create a custom WordPress plugin to help your company achieve custom functionality in WordPress

Custom Developed WordPress Plugins for Business

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System on the planet. What started out as a platform to manage a blog has become feature-rich and highly extensible. There are millions of WordPress plugins built to extend the functionality of WordPress. Even with all those options out there, we occasionally can’t find a plugin to achieve a business objective for our clients. In these instances, we develop our own.

Here is a short list of the Custom WordPress Plugins we have recently developed.

JSON LD Plugin to set Microdata Schema in WordPress. Single Location Version.

This plugin is fantastic for setting microdata for a single-location local business. Install the plugin via the plugin upload in WordPress. Activate it and fill in the settings. That is all you need for error-free Microdata using Schema.org standards in WordPress.

Social Proof Plugin for WordPress Woocommerce

The social proof WordPress plugin takes either seed information you enter into the plugin, or it takes real sales data from your WooCommerce sales data to display a non-intrusive screen overlay in the bottom corner of the screen. The concept is to show other recent purchases to build trust and encourage more sales.

Essential Product Slider for WordPress & WooCommerce

This magical little plugin allows you to drop an eCommerce product slider anywhere on your WordPress website. You can slide products from WooCommerce with ease. The slider can display Featured Products, Sale Products, or New Products for the purpose of guiding customers to high-conversion offerings. You can get more details here.

Restaurant Food Menu Plugin for WordPress

There are 100s of plugins to display your restaurant menu in WordPress, but we could not find one that met our client’s needs, so we developed our own. Our WordPress Restaurant Menu allows you to create menu sections and items per section, display pictures of food items, and to reuse the menu sections across multiple menus. For instance, your beverage list may differ across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Create the beverage section once and drop it into a menu. We built this plugin to work for Restaurants with Multiple Locations.

Multi-Step Form for WordPress

We needed this robust form builder to build our client intake survey. We had to custom-develop it because none of the plugins available could handle the number of steps we required. Our form builder plugin allows the admin user to create forms that have up to 20 steps. You can have any type of question and answer. All answers are stored in a database then we output the answers to our development and design teams. This is really one of the easiest-to-use multi-step forms for WordPress, and we developed it strictly for our clients to use. This one is not available to the public.

Review Fire Feedback Display Widget

These little widgets work in real time to pull feedback and testimonials from Review Fire to display on your website. Think of it as a testimonial WordPress Widget on steroids. We use micro schema and structured data to make the feedback extra Google Friendly. It is important to realize we live in a reputation economy and client testimonials are more important than ever.

Restaurant Room Booking Plugin

Our custom-built WordPress Plugin allows restaurants to display room availability and allow the customer to request to book the room during available times.

We love to build custom web applications.

Please reach out to us and explain your project. We are happy to listen and help you develop a plan.

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