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Bake SEO into your web design

Bake Usability, SEO and Mobile Friendliness into Your Website

Usability, Mobile Friendliness and Search Engine Readiness are Planned (note this blog was initially written in 2011, we have updated in 2017. It was interesting to see how much has…

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Web Design and SEO go hand in hand

Web Design and SEO Go Together

We have been pushing the Baked In SEO strategy since 2009.  There are a number of things that need to be done while you website is being designed and coded…

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google my business thumb

I Got An Email About My SEO

For some reason, SEO spam email is at an all time high. We get 5-10 a day on a slow day here at SEOTA. Some of them are crafted so…

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Picking Keywords for SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO Keywords and Digital Marketing

Know Your Keywords and What Type of Business They Drive: We get a lot of questions about keywords as it relates to Google and organic search and local search. These…

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Welcome To Frisco

Frisco TX Marketing Tips

Frisco, TX is one of the fasted growing markets in the USA and small businesses are trying to take advantage of the rapid growth. We have new restaurants, shops, and…

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Expert Results for Ecommerce Websites

Medical SEO and Marketing: 4 Things to Know

1. Where you show on Google makes a difference The difference between showing up near the top of page one in the search engines and showing up on page two…

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hyper local marketing

7 Ways to Hyper-drive your Hyper-local Marketing

What is Hyper-local Marketing? Hyper-local Marketing focuses on driving revenue from a geographically defined space near your business. What constitutes Hyper-local can vary depending on the population density of your business location….

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