Seota Digital Marketing is focused on executing internet marketing strategies that create measurable results for our clients in an entrepreneurial and creative team environment.

To accelerate our client's ability to attract, engage, convert, and retain more clients.

About Seota

Seota began in 2009 as an SEO Consulting and Web Design Firm. In 2009 internet marketing was much simpler. Over time  SEO and Internet Marketing have become quite sophisticated and we changed our strategy to use a more Gestalt approach.  We are still really good at the blocking and tackling of Search Engine Optimization but it takes much, much more to compete online in today's hyper-competitive environment.

Seota builds tools and processes for internal use that our competitors can’t match. Working with Seota will give you a real strategic advantage.

Google changes so often that we thought it would be derelict to put our clients into a single online strategy based on Google Search results.

To be competitive online in today's business environment you need to have a digital marketing plan that puts you in front of your target market wherever they spend their time online.

We Are Here When You Need Us

We believe in a simple business philosophy that puts our management team on the front lines interacting directly with our clients.  All of our clients have access to our project managers' and CEOs’ mobile numbers. If you have an urgent need, it will be met with an urgent response.

Free Software & Plugin Updates

Once a Client is moved to a modern platform with a Content Management System (CMS), they never have to worry about software updates again. We keep their CMS up-to-date and secure. (if they are a hosting and monthly SEO client)

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is still really important for our clients and we spend a great deal of time making sure our clients dominate the local landscape. We can say, without hesitation that we have improved the business of every client that has been with us for six months or longer.

Functionally Beautiful Websites

We follow a great process that allows us to build a website for your business that meets your business needs. We do offer less detailed websites for clients just getting their toe wet with internet marketing. We call those starter websites.

Web Hosting

If you are a small business with less than 5,000 visits per day we are able to host your website for a very reasonable price on one of our state-of-the-art web servers. Our web servers are located in secure facilities in Dallas and Chicago.

Detailed Analytics

Analytics are at the core of everything that we do. We measure everything and we find answers to questions you didn’t know you had. In addition to the basics like visits, traffic sources, and conversion ratios we like to deep dive to find ways to drive more traffic and more conversion for our clients.

Charities Helped

We are very active in the local community, donating time, money, and services. In 2017 we built and donated a complete membership management platform for the American Legion in Frisco. We have done matching cash contributions for the Gold Star Family Monument, FastPacks, and a number of other local charities.

Satisfied Clients

We have a fantastic record of keeping our clients happy. Some clients come to us for Web Design and development and some retain us for monthly marketing and SEO. Both types of clients get our best effort every time. Our first two clients are still with us, they joined us in 2009.

Hire us today, sleep better tonight. 972-737-2830

Seota's Bonds of Performance

  • If you wouldn't buy it, don't sell it.
  • Our word is our bond; There is only one level of integrity.
  • Work only with clients we like and respect.
  • Support our community, veterans, and those not as fortunate.
  • Performance, Not Excuses.
  • Be Better;
    • Better than yesterday,
    • Better than the competition,
    • Better than expectations

Our Journey

Our pedigree in Internet Marketing was established long before Seota became a local business icon. In 1996, our owner, Bill Hogsett started TecVision, Inc. TecVision did groundbreaking work at Revlon, Fleet Mortgage (Bank of America), and the PGA of America. The early years at TecVision saw them build one of the first corporate intranets at Revlon and a revolutionary extranet at The PGA of America.

In 1999 TecVision merged with Dallas-based Hencie Consulting – The combined company became one of the premier boutique consulting firms in the Southwest, employing 100+ consultants with clients ranging from GE Power to Lone Star Steel.  Mr. Hogsett stayed with Hencie up until the reverse merger with AltMark that took Hencie public. Hencie/AltMark was trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol ALTM before being de-listed long after Mr. Hogsett had left.

in 2001 Mr. Hogsett started Anthem Solutions, Inc. in Dallas and quickly built a great consulting company with a wide range of clients that included The USGA, The PGA Tour, TTI, Mouser Electronics, Alcon Labs and AmerisourceBergen.  Anthem Solutions was sold in 2004 when Mr. Hogsett chose to apply his Internet Marketing skills and SEO knowledge into building eCommerce websites of his own. Those sites included retailers that dominated Karaoke, Silver Jewelry, and Men’s Wedding Rings sales online.

As these companies were sold off to investors Mr. Hogsett turned his sights on building an SEO company that he could help local businesses leverage Search Engine Optimization to improve foot traffic and sales.

That business was and is Seota. Seota was sold in 2012 and then re-acquired by Mr. Hogsett in 2016.