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Seota is a trusted WordPress Design agency, that focuses on Custom WordPress development for growing companies.

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Seota is a custom WordPress web design agency specializing in spectacular web design and digital marketing.  Seota helps growth-minded businesses create beautiful, functional websites that enhance their brand. Whether you need services to update your current site or have us start from scratch, our web designers can help.

Our award-winning WordPress agency has the expertise and creativity to help you launch a website that looks incredible and converts visitors into customers. We build 40-60 custom websites and WordPress themes a year, and our process is designed to save you time and money on every project. As a result, you get more websites for less money. We have two distinct teams: one WordPress site team focusing on enterprise corporate websites and another on mid-market and small business website design needs.

At Seota, our company motto is Performance, Not Excuses, and you will notice that can-do attitude from our people in every project, every UX design, and every budget.  Contact us today about getting started.

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Expert WordPress Design and Development

Seota has been designing websites since 2010 and we have learned a lot of lessons over the year. Leverage our experience in professional WordPress design and development to create a website designed to support your business objectives.

Custom Designed Themes
Custom WordPress Theme

Every WordPress site we design is made based on the client’s needs and not from a pre-made theme designed for another business. A custom theme allows us to bake the SEO into your site for optimal performance. Our WordPress agency has DNA built into its heart and soul.

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Advanced WordPress Development

Achieve more of your marketing objectives with advanced WordPress Development Services from our agency. Seota is one of the few development companies with a dedicated team of WordPress coders that can get under the hood and integrate to you CRM, ERP or POS.

website maintenance
WordPress Maintenance

Once Seota designs your amazing new website, we are here to support you by keeping your website secure and updated. Most WordPress security issues result from poor passwords or outdated plugins and WP Versions.

Content Updates

Our  content support team can help you with WordPress content updates and blogging. Just send your content updates to our support desk and they will be handled in a timely and professional manner by WordPress Content Experts.



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Technical SEO
Technical SEO

SEO is in our DNA, and technical SEO is part of our “Baked-In” approach to web design services.  Our technical SEO team will go through a 47 point check list on your new WordPress website before consider the project live.  Our industry leading checklist is a combination of computer generated tasks and visual inspection.

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Benefits of Developing in WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used website software on the planet. By using WordPress, your website will be easy to edit, easy to maintain, and easy to support. For most businesses, WordPress is the best choice Content Management System (CMS) platform. For Customization and Cross-browser compatibility there is nothing better.

By using the WordPress CMS platform, you have access to thousands of plugins that can optimize and extend your website with advanced features at a low price point.

WordPress Technology is always up-to-date. WP is updated constantly and continuously. From security patches to functionality upgrades, you will always have state-of-the-art technology. See WP releases. Thousands of developers contribute to the open-source initiative. Most of the top-performing websites on the internet are designed and developed in WordPress.

WordPress was one of the first platforms to make responsive design a standard feature. Allowing for beautiful design across all screen sizes with a template engine that is fast and flexible.

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Custom Designed WordPress Theme

Seota will custom-design a website theme for you. At our WordPress web design agency, we don’t use Elementor or DIVI, or any pre-made WordPress themes. Every one of our WordPress website development projects starts as a drawing in FIGMA or Adobe XD. We iterate the design with your feedback before writing a single code line. When we are done, you will OWN THE WEBSITE we developed. We can host it, recommend hosting or install it on a host of your choice.

If you are serious about your brand and serious about your business, a custom theme is your only option. The good news is that you can get a custom website for about the same price the “agencies” that use pre-made DIY themes will charge.

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Custom Plugins Make Your Design Better

Our Frisco web development agency builds amazing things inside the WordPress framework, with unique theme layouts and custom CSS that look beautiful on mobile devices. We can create custom solutions to accomplish your online marketing objectives while not sacrificing the look and feel of your website.

A WordPress Plugin is an extension of the WordPress platform – there are thousands of free plugins we can use to make your website better and more functional. Seota develops WordPress solutions and has developed a number of custom WordPress plugins to enable our clients to accomplish their business objectives without changing CMS software. When you need WordPress web designers with programming skills, you need Seota Digital Marketing.

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Getting The Best WordPress Agency to Fit Your Needs

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What Is A WordPress Web Design Company?

A WordPress web design company is a digital agency that specializes in creating professional websites using WordPress for the Content Management System.

A professional WordPress Design agency creates WordPress websites by designing them in Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, or other graphics programs, & developing WordPress sites using HTML, CSS and PHP.

Some web design firms use DIY site builders and tools that do not require advanced design and programming skills, but they can run into issues when the business objectives require custom functionality.

The WordPress CMS is very customizable and in the hands of an experienced agency, like Seota Digital Marketing, it can be leveraged to accomplish almost anything your business needs from a website.

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Custom WordPress Design vs. Pre-Made Themes: Which One Should You Use?

If your business has decided to use WordPress as your CMS, the next question for your team is what WordPress Web Design Agency to pick to help you bring your vision to life. You will need to know if that agency does custom WordPress designs or if they stuff content and images into a pre-made theme.

WordPress has a theme marketplace with thousands of free themes to choose from, most of which have premium versions. There are also other marketplaces that only sell premium, pre-made WordPress themes. Agencies that use pre-made themes and insert your content into them can be limited in what they do based on the theme they pick for your site. Unless you run a very small business or are just starting out, we do not recommend this approach.

Custom WordPress design requires a team to execute. Typically the best WordPress web development teams will have the roles based on specialization:

Roles on a Web Project
  • A site architect who may also be the project manager
  • Creative lead, that designs the website in a visual tool like Adobe XD
  • An HTML/CSS team that will turn the approved design into functional HTML and CSS
  • A WordPress developer that will integrate your custom design with dynamic the WordPress framework. At Seota are HTML/CSS team can also integrate into WordPress
  • Content team. The content team plans you’re your content needs and then creates new content and migrates existing content to the new website

At Seota Digital Marketing our WordPress designers start with a creative intake, filled out by your team, that allows us to design something that is on brand and meets your needs.

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What Type Of Businesses Need WordPress Web Design Services?

Most businesses need Designer Services from a design company to create a custom WordPress theme. At Seota we have customers that range from the very large (one client does a billion dollars in annual revenue) to the small businesses that barely do a million in revenue. Both of these types of clients have very different needs but both types need an Agency to help them design, build and manage WordPress.

The WordPress CMS can be very user-friendly to administrate if developed properly. It is a great CMS for marketing departments and non-technical users to learn and manage.

Companies can benefit from using a strong WordPress  development agency:
  1. Large businesses with a marketing department need design and development support not provided by their in-house IT department.
  2. A mid-Size business may have only 1-2 people in marketing and very little design and development talent n house. The marketing team at these businesses is often focused on traditional marketing, brochures, tradeshows, product descriptions, and helping to drive leads.
  3. Small growing businesses with good operational staff but no dedicated marketing staff (outside of sales).
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What Services Are Offered by WordPress Web Design Companies?

Like Seota, most of our agency competitors offer a lot of services that help support their core offerings. At Seota we take a strategic approach to website design and that requires us to have other skills on hand. The same is true for most boutique agencies and you can expect them to have a number of services.

Design Companies Services May Include:

  • Strategy & Planning: Ofter this includes marketing strategy, customer journeys, customer personas, and competitive research.
  • Website design and development: As you would expect, an agency will offer website design and serious development capabilities to build custom functionality.
  • Content migration: At Seota, we have a whole team that does nothing but migrate content. Most of our competitors do the same.
  • Content Creation: The hardest part about creating a website for a small and medium size business is generating all the content they need to professionally market themselves. Writers and graphic artists at the agency can help with this.
  • SEO: WordPress companies can help manage technical SEO. At Seota we call this “baking in the SEO” and it is an important part of every project.
  • WordPress hosting: We like and prefer our clients to host on Cloudways or use Managed WordPress Hosting on WP Engine. We do offer hosting support, but we don’t operate our own servers. We host in the cloud on WPE and Cloudways.
  • Content Creation: The hardest part about creating a website for a small and medium size business is generating all the content they need to professionally market themselves. Writers and graphic artists at the agency can help with this.
  • SEO: WordPress companies can help manage technical SEO. At Seota we call this “baking in the SEO” and it is an important part of every project.
  • WordPress hosting: We like and prefer our clients to host on Cloudways or use Managed WordPress Hosting on WP Engine. We do offer hosting support, but we don’t operate our own servers. We host in the cloud on WPE and Cloudways.
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How Much Do WordPress Agencies Charge?

In The US, it is prevalent for WordPress design projects to be built based on a fixed cost estimate. The Digital web design Agency looks at the number of templates to be built, the amount of content to migrate, and at special functionality needed. From that, they determine the scope and the price of the project. At Seota we offer two different levels of web designers. Our premium web designer creates more technical, challenging designs, which require more WordPress Development & programming and more money to complete. So it can be hard to compare project prices.

A new website, designed & Developed by a professional WordPress company, should cost between $3,500-$80,000. On the low side would be small business websites with basic functionality, basic design, and no integrations. On the high side, we list 80k, but sites can get over $100k. API integrations, complicated functionality, product configurations, and other advanced features can quickly drive up your cost.

Pricing factors based on the agency may include:

  • Project complexity
  • Project’s timeline
  • Custom design vs. pre-made theme
  • WordPress team’s experiences and expertise

When it comes to hourly pricing, a company may charge between $50 and $185 per hour. The more experienced and expert the agencies WordPress developers are, the more they will charge for their time.

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Why Hire A WordPress Development Company?

For the same reason, you hire a plumber, mechanic, and electrician. Web design and WordPress development are complicated skill sets to master. Having an in-house team of WordPress developers can cost you 100s of thousands of dollars per year. Why do that when you can hire a professional WordPress website design company or web design agency for a fraction of the cost?

Many businesses use professional agencies for WordPress development. Here are the reasons why:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Keeping a WordPress agency on retainer is much cheaper than employing designers, developers, content migrators, and SEO staff. A good marketing manager at your firm matched with the right agency gives you leverage to do incredible things, without high salaries and benefits costs.
  • On-Demand Staff Augmentation: A real-life scenario. One of our larger revenue clients lost two key people in their marketing team. They needed website content updates and marketing help ASAP. We had two staff, familiar with their content and brand assigned to them by the end of Business. They never missed a beat, and we continue to support them when they re-staff.
  • Content management: Your Agency is a great choice to help you manage the content on your website. From simple changes to adding whole new sections. If you don’t hire an agency you are counting on staff, that may be too busy, to update and maintain content on the website.
  • On-Going Design & Development: A good agency will help you build a website that grows and adapts to your business. This will extend the life of your website and increase your long-term ROI.
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How To Choose The Best WordPress Agency For Your Business in 2023

A best practice when selecting a WordPress design company that meets your needs is to define the objectives for your website.

  • What is it that you want the new site to accomplish?
  • What functionality would like to add to the new site?
  • Do you need help with branding?
  • Do you need an agency that can manage the site after launch?

Answering these questions will help you define requirements and narrow down the list of WordPress companies that can meet your needs.

Once you have a short list, you should pick the best WordPress Agency  by considering the following:

  • Do they have developers on staff or do they outsource? Most of the best WordPress web design companies in the USA have full-time staff and dedicated resources. These resources may be onshore or overseas, but they are full-time employees of the agency.
  • Check their reputation: Before you read the reviews, know what is important to you. For instance, at Seota we get a lot of reviews where the customers talk about how easy we are to work with. Is that important to you? We built our reputation on being expertly quick – if you submit a request, we often get it done in hours. Is that important? Look for it in the reviews. The agency’s current clients will tell you what you need to know, and you don’t even need to ask. Good sources of Agency reviews include Clutch, UpCity, and Google.
  • It is important to ask if they have a go-live checklist: Believe it or not, we see very silly mistakes when we get brought into troubleshooting things like – “why did my site disappear from Google” (The agency left the site in “dev” mode and when it went live with specific instructions for Google not to index the dev site). At Seota we have two different checklists for Go Live. One is technical and one is SEO driven. They both are very thorough.
  • See if they offer post-launch support: You can’t set it and forget it. Plugins need updating, security patches need to be applied and content needs to be updated. Your business website will require regular maintenance to deliver on your business objectives.
  • Ask if they have helped similar businesses: They don’t have to have experience in your exact niche, but if you have a 300-page corporate website and their biggest client is the bike repair shop on the corner, it may not be a good fit. At Seota we don’t specialize in a niche, but we focus on growing business with solid revenue and complex website needs.
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Should I Hire a Solo WordPress Designer Instead of a WordPress Development Company?

Some businesses start the process by hiring a WordPress Designer, then they need to find someone to manage the project, architect the solution, and code the project. The other downside of hiring a WordPress designer that is not part of the company is that many people claim to be designers but they are really WordPress Theme editors. They take someone else’s WordPress theme development and try to add photos and text to make it appear as if the WordPress theme was designed for your business.

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    Conclusion, Engage a Highly Rated WordPress Development Company

    In Summary, if you want the best results for your new website, and you need more than designer services, the best approach for success is to hire a highly-rated WordPress design company like Seota Digital Marketing. At Seota we focus on a development process that starts with a design kickoff meeting. Your theme design will be uniquely your own and ideated to match your brand and business objectives. Once the design is approved our WordPress development services team will begin the process of coding your beautiful new design into a functions website.

    Seota Digital Marketing is a top-rated WordPress agency according to every company that rates agencies, and most importantly by our clients that consistently give us Five Star Reviews.

    WordPress Development Projects by Seota

    Our web development services take your company ideas and branding and bring them to life on your website. Our people, project managers, and staff work hard to exceed your expectations.

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