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The Seota SEO Process

Goal Setting:

We start by learning what your online business objectives are and what you want to be successful at. We then set SEO goals based on your business objectives.

SEO Keyword Research:

Once we know the digital marketing goals and objectives of our client's company, we research keyword phrases and the user intent of the person doing the online search. We use information about the User Intent and User Experience on your website as the basis for our ongoing SEO work. We update the plan every quarter to make sure it is still relevant and performing as expected in terms of search impressions and click-throughs.  (keyword research and content may be segmented based on buyer personas, depending on budget)

On-Site & On Page SEO Audit & Improvement:

We use two separate SEO audit tools and direct human interaction with your website to benchmark the current state of your SEO, Ranking, and Digital Footprint. We compare your ‘current state’ to best practices, your business objectives, and our keyword research to develop an On-site SEO plan (per page is called On Page and is used interchangeably with On-Site).

Offsite SEO Audit & Advanced Link Building:

Google gathers signals about the quality of your brand from sources on the internet to learn about your business. It uses factors that are not in your direct control to rank your website pages. These 'offsite' factors include Citations, Back Links (links from other website pages to your website), mentions of your business on relevant websites, and mentions in the news. We have tools for measuring all the important offsite factors and comparing them to your competitors. We then work to make your website an attractive brand to others on the internet, to earn links and mentions organically.

SEO Competitor Analysis:

A big part of your SEO budget planning will be based on how strong your competitor's websites show in search results and how much effort they have put into SEO. We do an On-site and Off-site analysis of your 3 top search competitors to see what it will take to beat them. Sometimes, we plan to nibble at the edges with Long-Tail keyword strategies as your SEO strength grows. If your competitors work with a good digital marketing agency, catching them will present a moving target and more effort. Online success is based on sustained effort and building your brand.

SEO Services

How Does SEO Work?

SEO works by helping Google understand that your business website is the most relevant, authoritative & best search result for what their client is searching for. Different industries and different company websites take different efforts to train Google.

Google sees each searcher as their customer, and they are trying to deliver the best results for that user based on the user's location and search intent. Search Intent is key to how Google delivers results. Their AI platform tries to determine if the user is researching, looking for news, or shopping.  Google's goals and your website content need to be aligned as it relates to your shared customer. You need an SEO company that understands this.

On-Site SEO

Also called On-Page SEO is all of the things you have control of on your website that is used to influence how the search engines perceive your website for different search phrases and intent. Our SEO Company includes Technical SEO in our On-Site process that focuses on mobile optimization first. Google now indexes most websites from a mobile perspective.

In addition to technical on-site SEO, we will optimize headings, sub-headings, image alt text, and your internal linking structure, as well as anchor text and make various content changes. We will also edit meta tags for click-through performance.

Off-Site SEO

All things on the web that you do not have direct control over that can be influenced by our SEO Company, which impacts how google perceives and ranks your website for different searches and user search intent.

Ready To Get Professional SEO Services?

Professional SEO Services Since 2009

Seota provides professional SEO services focused on ROI and delivering measurable results. Every SEO Company should be measured on the quality of leads generated by their strategies. It is not enough to rank for keywords, the objective is to drive business. Rankings are an important part of this, but ranking for the right keywords and phrases is critical.

Your business needs a professional SEO company to help to drive revenue.  Your best competitors are using SEO to rank, drive business and grow market share.

Since 2009, the search engine optimization team at Seota has been driving website traffic, foot traffic & phone calls with SEO.  Our SEO Experts do it in a cost-effective manner for real businesses just like yours. We have built internal tools and processes aimed at understanding your audience, and improving your rankings, sales, and visibility. Having our own tools allows us to keep our service affordable and impactful. As a result, you get more, better web traffic.

We work with two primary client types, Enterprise companies with a national focus and local business locations (often multi-location franchises); we have a unique process for each of our client types.  We ofter start an SEO project by building a new website, but it is not necessary. Our website SEO team has a deep understanding of what it takes to build an SEO-friendly website that converts visitors to buyers. The benefit to you, we can leverage our SEO professional experience and expertise to increase your revenue.

Some items of note about our Digital Marketing team:

  • 100’s of small business locations trust us to drive traffic and phone calls to their business.
  • Millions of people have visited the sites we have built. As a result, each day, these businesses benefit from stronger revenue and better customer acquisition rates.
  • Our Local Frisco, TX, business customers see HUGE traffic increases from our work.
  • Some of our clients survived the last economic downturn because of our ability to bring them new clients in an economical fashion.
Seota SEO Services

Great Organic SEO starts with Web Design. Or SEO Agency can help your brand with Organic SEO without doing a redesign. However, we see a lot of clients being held back by poor design and bloated pre-made WordPress themes installed by other SEO Companies. Contact our Phoenix, Plano, or Frisco offices for help today.

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SEO Services at Seota Digital Marketing

SEO and web optimization by Seota Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

We promote our service as SEO or Search Engine Optimization but it is so much more. Digital marketing is what we really do. Increasing your digital footprint to draw qualified customers to your website so that you can win their business. Our Frisco, TX clients know why we are known as the Digital SEO Experts.

Why do you need SEO?

  • An efficient SEO campaign is a necessary part of using your website to drive traffic
  • Your competitors, in every industry, are using SEO agencies to take your market share
  • Search Engine Optimization is relatively inexpensive and helps you win new business
  • SEO marketing should be a significant part of your overall digital strategy and it improves your reputation


Seota SEO Services fall into four categories.

1. Business-to-Business SEO

For years we listened to business people who sell to other businesses tell us they didn't need our help. Their customers don't search online for what they sell. It was very frustrating so we did something about it. In 2015 we offered our first B2B sales guarantee. If we don't improve your B2B sales by more than you are paying us in 120 days or less, then we will work for free until we do. We have never had to work for free. Do you need B2B Seo Services? We can help you get more traffic from real buyers. As an example of B2B and local B2B SEO services, We now have an SEO team focusing 100% of its efforts on local MSP marketing.

2. Local SEO

Local SEO can be B2B or B2C. Local businesses trying to get a leg up to need our help more than most. Working with small businesses is extra rewarding for us. We take our enterprise experience and bring a new level of expertise to bear on your revenue generation. We change lives. Consequently,  we have customers who have been loyal to us since 2009. We are based in Frisco, TX, and help local clients in Frisco, Plano, Dallas, and all of the DFW suburbs.

3. Multi-Location Business SEO

Our digital marketing framework will have a dramatic impact on the revenue of your multi-location business. We charge per location, and most Seota customers see an ROI in less than 45 days. Some see measurable results within a couple of weeks. If you have 5-200 locations and you need help increasing same-store sales, give us a call. We can help. 972-737-2830

4. eCommerce SEO

Marketing websites for eCommerce is increasingly difficult. Many small eCommerce companies don't have a differentiator that helps them compete online. If you have something unique and you need help, we are your team. Great eCommerce SEO service starts with your product taxonomy. Call us before you build a new website for the best results.

We live to see our clients succeed.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the rare business specialties that allows you to witness the positive impact you have on your client's businesses and lives. We have seen the revenue increases we brought to bear be the difference between business success and failure. Successful SEO strategies or affordable and impactful.  You should know your website conversion ratio. How many new clients do you get per 100 visits? Once you know your conversion ratio, you do two things. You work to improve the ratio, and you drive more traffic to the top of the funnel with SEO.

Call Seota for SEO Help at  972-737-2830 or 602-610-9404