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Seota Digital Marketing has been helping local Frisco businesses improve their revenue with SEO since 2009. One of our first online marketing clients, has been with us since they opened. They are just one of our many happy customers who continue to depend on our agency for local marketing.

Simply the BEST Frisco SEO.

Online marketing for your small business is critical to your long-term success. We will work for your team to build a digital marketing plan to drive more local traffic to your business and drive more foot traffic to your cash register. We have build a plan for each client and our process is proven to guide you toward digital success.

Our business has seen record growth since we started using Seota for SEO. We had a 54% increase in revenue, year-over-year, driven by online request for goods and services.

Brian Livingston. Celebrity Cafe Bakery

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Search Engine Optimization

Frisco SEO services can be used to drive customers to your business website. Search Engine Optimization drives prospects that are already searching for the products and services that you offer.

We drive search traffic for a wide variety of local businesses from bathroom remodeling companies to auto repair shops to local retailers. When a user searches for a service near me, local search comes into play. Google also shows near me results when the phrase is not specified, but when Google determines the user’s intent.

Our company has focused on high-quality, long-term benefit search engine optimization since 2009. We never try to mislead the search engines or do anything that will get you banned or driven down in the rankings. We focus on white hat strategies to help the search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, & Yahoo) do what they do best: get customers to the website page that best meet that user’s keyword search. Our goal is to make your website, and more importantly, specific web pages on your website, the best possible search result for that user. Not for every search, but for the searches you are most qualified to help the client with. We do this through leveraging research, Google Analytics, optimized content creation, strategic planning, competitor analysis, link building, Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and by focusing on your unique selling proposition (USP).

Your business needs a complete digital marketing strategy.

Google changes their algorithm so often that you can’t have a single online strategy based on Google Search results. Your business needs a complete digital marketing strategy to drive local traffic to you. This is where we come in. Seota builds a holistic digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, pay-per-click advertising, re-targeting, social targeting, and much more.

If you are ready to learn more, give us a call at 972-737-2830.

The Best Frisco SEO Company

If you’re looking for the best SEO company in Frisco, you’ve come to the right place. Our agency has been guiding local businesses towards online success for over 10 years. We will improve search engine rankings, visibility, sales, and customer acquisition since 2009. We deploy creative search engine marketing campaigns to keep you ahead of your competition.

Seota was amazing. They built us a site that is incredibly fast – and our site is ‘loved by Google’s search engines’. That was a quote from a very knowledgeable third party digital strategist. I highly recommend this company..

Jason Smith. IRON SMYTH Pool Tables

Our methods and processes work and they are fine-tuned to help your business get more organic search traffic.



Your customers are online all the time. They search Google while they are waiting for a meeting, in the lobby at a doctor’s office, at a stoplight, or a myriad of other places.  Local businesses like yours depend on traffic from local customers for financial success. A local mobile search strategy is crucial to attract these people to shop with you.


Seota has been helping businesses increase revenue with unique local business marketing since 2009; the founders have been implementing online strategies since 2002. Seota currently helps Frisco small businesses with local SEO & website design.

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Our company has been serving Frisco since 2009

For a free one-hour consultation, call 972-737-2830

We have SEO experts on staff who can help you increase the traffic and revenue for your business quickly. Search engine optimization is not voodoo – it is a well-developed process. Our search engine process has 87 steps and evergreen triggers.

***The first consultation is free and you have no obligation. We do limit free consultations to those potential customers that we think we can help and that can afford our services.

At Seota, we occasional write articles about SEO related to our local markets. Frisco SEO is synonymous with Local SEO. Frisco is, in this case, the location where the SEO is taking place. If you have a local business, you need local SEO, which is different than national SEO.

In general local SEO is far less competitive than a national SEO campaign and is less expensive.

In short, anyone that is really good at local SEO can do SEO for a Frisco, TX business. Some advantages of hiring an SEO company in your local market is that they will have resources and connections that may benefit businesses in that market.

When you are interviewing a local SEO company you ask them about their current clients, references, experience with businesses like your and if they have any special resources in your local area.

Yes, Seota Digital Marketing is the oldest most trusted Frisco SEO Company. We started building assets around Frisco SEO in 2009 and have continued to build on our portfolio.

SEO in Frisco, TX has a wide variety of price points. If you hire a reputable firm that does the work they promise to do, you will pay between $500 and $5,000 for local SEO consulting. The less competitive the market, the less you should expect to pay. If you have 3-5 competitors that are spending aggressively on SEO it will drive up the investment you will need to make to be competitive.

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