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We integrate with your team & support your business objectives

We offer the MarTech expertise you need to support B2B enterprise-level sales and marketing efforts. Our digital strategist can guide you on getting the most out of your tech stack while integrating your key components into your website or private web portal.

We can integrate your CRM (SalesForce, Dynamics, HubSpot), Marketing Automation, SelfService Customer Portals, and inventory into an enterprise website implementation. With Seota you can leverage your digital assets to maximize sales and customer experience.

Don't take our word for it, read our reviews. Clients LOVE Seota. We are known for next-level, custom business-to-business websites that use the latest responsive standards and best practices. As a result, you get the best site, built to creatively market your business and elevate your brand.

2022 Awards

Enterprise Web Design for Silicon Valley Software Company
Railroad Engineering Firm Web Design Project
  • Big 3 consulting experience without the price tag. Our team includes MBAs, Engineers with Masters of Computer Science, a Former marketing Executive at Ford Mortor Company, and Big Brain SEO Experts.
  • Inside Every Seota Web Design is the functionality and usability you would expect from a Fortune 500 website, but built on a budget that makes sense.
  • Seota provides everything you need to improve and leverage your digital technology stack for more success. Allowing your team to focus on their core business objectives.
  • Strategy-driven websites containing advanced functionality and custom programming are our specialty.
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Be Proud of Your Websites

Your website will be the best of class and greatly improve your marketing and branding. Using custom wireframes, CSS, HTML5, and a number of open-source programs, we can quickly integrate to your technology stack.

Our web designers are skilled at branding and improving user experience with fast-loading websites that look great on all devices. We design in the Adobe Marketing Suite for an easy transition to your CMS of choice. Our approach works for any web platform. In other words, your options are limitless.

Whether you are looking for a new website or a redesign of your current site, the collaborative team at Seota will build a stunning, performance-driven marketing vehicle, designed to help you reach your business goals.

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Does your enterprise-scale business need digital marketing & website support?

Why Seota?

  • Why Seota?

    We start with a process that has been a decade in the making. Our objective is to amplify your brand and to help you leverage your digital assets to improve your business (in a cost-effective manner).

  • Experience

    The company was started in 2009 by seasoned professionals. We Consulted with or worked at Revlon, PGA of America, Ford Motor Company, Alcon Labs, and many other name-brand companies. We know this stuff like you know how to ride a bike. In other words, you get the best, most experienced team available without increasing staff size and HR headaches.

  • We Plan Before We Code

    We do visual scopes that allow us to “draw” our vision for your marketing site in Adobe XD. This allows us to show you how the site will look and function before we write a line of code. You are able to make changes and approve a real design early in the process. No surprises and no waiting months. Because of our process, we can complete most business websites in a fraction of the time. What does this mean for your team? Above all, it reduces your risk of a failed project.

  • Real Web Developers on Staff

    Unlike most boutique agencies, we have a team that knows what is happening under the hood of your site.  Two of our lead developers have master’s degrees in programming. We are not using a theme made by someone else or some bloated design tool created for the Do-it-Yourself market. We employ experts in Figma, Adobe XD, WordPress architecture, PHP, CodeIgniter, CSS, JavaScript, Flutter, Website Security, and many other technology frameworks and platforms. Therefore, your marketing tech investment will be safe for a long time to come.

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Enterprise WordPress Development

If you are a large business that is considering the move to WordPress you have come to the right company. We have expert-level experience moving corporate websites from custom CMS platforms to Enterprise Grade WordPress installations. Seota is one of the very best WordPress development companies in the country. We create WordPress drawings in Adobe, 100% tailored to your business objectives. Once you approve the drawings of your new WordPress website, we then code it as HTML & CSS and customize it to WordPress. Once the coding is finished our content team takes over and migrates your current content or adds new content.

Read more about our Enterprise WordPress Services.

For more information, please give us a call. 972-737-2830

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Responsive Web Design

Your new website should look beautiful on all devices, desktops, laptops, phones & tablets.

A responsive web design changes based on the size and orientation of the screen viewing it.

Your mobile users and your desktop users have different objectives when visiting your site. There are three ways to approach the mobile responsive version of your site.

responsive design examples


It can reflect the same web design principles as your desktop version.


It can be designed to look more like a mobile app when viewed from a phone.


It can be a hybrid of the two approaches.

We like the “above the fold” portion of our mobile site (the portion visible when it first loads to a mobile browser) to look like a mobile app. Doing this allows your mobile users to quickly navigate to the part of the site they need – the reason they came to your site.

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    Ferrari Website Design
    Web Development Source 360
  • Engineering Website Development
    a few of our 2021 Awards
    Employee Solutions website design
    awards Seota won in 220
    PushCorp Website Design

Enterprise Web Design

If you need a new enterprise, Business-to-Business website design the most important first step is picking the right platform for your business. We can guide you in the right direction during a free consultation. WordPress has the largest market share but there are other CMS platforms that may fit your needs.
Here are just a few things to consider when creating an Enterprise Website:

User Experience. Can the front end be customized to deliver a fast, responsive user experience that matches your brand?


Security. Can the platform be reasonably secured and managed to protect against embarrassing hacks?


Workflow. Can the CMS manage a workflow for assigning, writing, reviewing, approving, and publishing content?


Integrations. Does the platform support restful API integration and are their tools available to connect to your data?


Customizations. Is the CMS platform customizable? Is the system flexible enough to support your current and future needs?

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