Local SEO for Small Business

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Small Business is critical to your long-term success. We make it affordable to drive more local traffic to your business, more inbound leads, and drive more foot traffic. We have proven processes that will improve your search engine ranking.

We manage your Google Business Profile listings (GBP) as part of our organic local SEO packages. Google Business Profiles may be the most important aspect of your local SEO campaign. Business Profile listings often appear at the top of the search engine rankings,  and on mobile searches, a call now button appears to the user.

We track our progress in the search using a local search grid report. The reporting tool conducts searches like a user at different geo points on the map grid.  Our goal is to expand the local business reach from their location to reach more clients. Most clients before they join us rank great at their front door and then drop off drastically as you walk away from their location. The grid to the right is a five-mile radius, 3 weeks after Seota began work. The client stated with a single green dot.

Dallas Local Search Client Results
We made huge local search improvements for this client in less than a month. Each dot is a search location, the number is the clients rank at that spot.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Affordable local SEO and digital marketing can be used to drive traffic to your business in a variety of ways. We have a proven track record of driving traffic for specialty goods, auto repair,  restaurants, electronic component re-sellers. manufacturers, construction companies, spas, doctors, plumbers, and many more.

Since 2009 our SEO Company has focused on high-quality, affordable, long-term benefit Search Engine Optimization. We don’t try to fool the search engines or do anything that will get you banned or pushed down the rankings. We employ white hat SEO strategies. We focus on helping the searches do what they do best… Getting searchers to the website page that best meets that user's search keywords. Our goal is to make your website, and more importantly, specific pages on your website, the best possible result for the person searching. Not for every search, but for the searches you are most qualified to help them with. We do this thru leveraging research, analytics, content creation, strategic planning, and focusing on your Unique Selling Proposition USP.

Google changes so often that we can’t have a single online strategy based on Google Search results. Your business needs a real digital marketing strategy to drive local traffic to your business. That is where we come in. Seota will build your business a holistic digital marketing strategy that includes SEO campaigns, link buildings, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, pay-per-click advertising (where needed), re-targeting, social targeting, and much more.

Local SEO Results

Organic Local SEO for your small business is critical to improving revenue.

Expert SEO Will Improve Your Revenue

Local Search Audit Results for a McKinney Home Services Business
Each dot is a local search conducted at that location. The number represents the client's search ranking at that location.


Seota Digital Marketing has over a decade of experience helping local businesses with SEO.


Your competitors are engaged in SEO marketing. They have hired an SEO company to work on their behalf. They are trying to take your market share.  If you don't spend on search engine optimization, you will see your competition move up the search rankings and you move down. Dominating the top of the rankings makes the phones ring. You have a choice to make: not if you are going to do SEO, but if you are going to hire a Frisco SEO expert or hire an amateur.  Seota Digital Marketing has over a decade of experience helping local businesses in Frisco and Plano improve sales and customer acquisition. We focus on creative SEO campaigns that bring in clients. Our methods and processes work and we have the track record to back up everything we say.



Local Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing drive customers to your website and drives revenue.  Website SEO  is the cornerstone to leveraging your digital assets in order to improve the state of your business. SEOTA can:

Build your Internet Marketing Plan
Define your customer and how to reach them
Drive targeted traffic
Optimize your conversions
Update and maintain relevant review sites
Manage social media accounts

Sync your local directory listings
Encourage customers to engage and share your content
Increase positive online reviews
Collect and share testimonials
Be your online advocate
Increase revenue


Local Small Business Marketing
Google is going to great lengths to personalize search results for users based on their location in an effort to deliver the most relevant search results to the user. This presents a big opportunity for small businesses that are willing to take advantage of it. Internet search has changed dramatically with the rise of the smartphone - you need to be in a position to take advantage of it.

Cost-Effective Local SEO & Digital Marketing Targets Mobile Users


Your customers search Google for everything while waiting for a meeting, in the lobby at a doctor’s office, at a stoplight, or in 100 different places that they check their phones. The situations and locations are endless. Local businesses depend on local customers for business success. Local search strategy, to be economical, has to have a focus on mobile users.


Seota Digital Marketing has been helping businesses increase revenue with unique, cost-effective marketing since 2009; the founders have been implementing digital strategies since 2002.


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We have SEO experts on staff that can help you increase the traffic and revenue for your business in a cost-effective manner. SEO is not voodoo, it is a well-articulated process. our SEO process has 87 steps and evergreen triggers.

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