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We have been designing and developing websites in Frisco, TX, since 2009.  Everything we do is custom and built to serve our client’s exact needs.

Hire Web Developers to Get The Job Done

As the premier Frisco web development company, we can offer an experience not matched in DFW. Here are a few things that make our development team better than the rest.

  • We will gather your requirements, and do our scope of work visually.
  • We draw each screen of your custom application in Photoshop for you to approve before a single line of code is written.
  • This process saves a lot of money and time. Editing the drawings are much easier and less expensive then rewriting code.
  • Once you approve the drawings and the workflow our team of crackerjack developers get busy turning your vision into reality.
  • We use and write code in most major frameworks and we can program in open source tools, including PHP and MySql.
  • Based on our experience, we will help you decide which is best for your business and your pocketbook.

Our web development process follows a modified Agile approach so you will see plenty of updates while we make quick progress. (Visit our Phoneix Office or Frisco Office)

Web Application Development / Custom Web Development

Web Application require different skills than website design.

At Seota when we write about website development we are referring to programming custom software to be used on your business website to accomplish a business goal. Custom work is done by the hour or by fix cost pricing.

If you are in the Dallas Metroplex we are happy to meet in person to discuss your project. if you are not in DFW we have outstanding video conferencing software to facilitate the meeting.


Web Development Company in Frisco TX
This Google Review Says It All

 "Bill and his team have streamlined our site design and made it user friendly and provide an on-going service that is the best we've seen in our almost 20 years online. Plus, his costs are typically 50 to 60% less of what is out there. After two decades and millions of dollars invested into our business and brand - we can confidently state that Bill and his team at SEOTA are a rare find.Damian Ross, My Self Defense Training

Front-End Website Design & Back-End Development in Frisco, TX


Custom Website Development in Frisco, TX

Since 2009, the web development team at Seota has been building website applications with opensource tools that improve our client's business process, sales and operations.

We operate a few small teams that handle different parts of your your web development project. Our design team will draw the project in Photoshop for you approve. Once you approve the 'comps' the project gets sent to the appropriate development teams. We have four separate development teams that share resources. Currently Seota has a teams that develop for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and custom applications. As a result, we create incredible applications for small businesses just like yours.

Programming term you should know: Application Programmers Interface (api) an API allows Seota to integrate systems to your website so that they can talk to each other and share data in a secure fashion. See our API Integrations List:

Hire Seota Programming Experts.

Please reach out to us and explain your project. We will make it happen.

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