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Social Proof Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce Sites

This WordPress plugin shows visitors information about recent purchases to give them the confidence to buy from your store.

The Seota Social Proof Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce

This WordPress plugin is developed for WooCommerce. The concept behind the plugin is show recent purchases from other clients while a user is browsing your online store. Social proof builds confidence in your offering and should help you improve your conversion ratio and increases sales.

Increase Conversions on your Website with Social Proof.

What makes the Seota plugin unique is that it allows the store owner to seed the social proof in new stores. You can enter your sales data into a custom area in the plugin and the Social Proof will show the seed data while you grow your online sales.

You can control the look and feel of how the social proof notifications display on your website.social proof WordPress plugin display setting

The message your users will see while shopping can be controlled from the WordPress admin panel. You can use variables to customize the messages.

message settings social proof plugin

The WordPress Plugin also allows you to control how far back to go to find sales as well as how often messages should be displayed.

social proof plugin display settings

This is how the Social Proof WordPress Plugin works on the front end.
social proof WordPress plugin in action

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