Slide Products in WooCommerce

If you are using Woo Commerce inside of WordPress we have built a cool little tool for you in the form of a WordPress Plugin. Now you can dynamically drop featured products, new products, or sales products into any page as a slider.
The slider is really simple to use.

For example to setup a slider of featured products:

  • Flag a few products as Featured in WooCommerce
  • Quickly check your settings in the WooCommerce Essential Slider Plugin
  • Copy the short code to display Featured Products
  • Past the short-code into any page or post on your WordPress website.

In our real life WordPress Example above we have set the plugin to show 4 columns and slide up-to 8 featured products. We also set the slider to stop sliding when a customer hovers over a product. In this example we also have the slider rewinding when it finishes. (looping)