Web Development

Since 2009, The website development team at Seota has been designing and developing websites that improve our client’s sales and visibility. From eCommerce to local business websites, we have done it all. Our web developers have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a SEO friendly website that converts visitors to buyers.

  • Over $20 Million in eCommerce Sales have passed thru our websites
  • Millions of website visitors have visited sites we have designed (with SEO in mind),
  • Our Local Businesses see HUGE traffic increases from our SEO work. Some our clients survived the last economic downturn because of our ability to bring them new clients.

You Ready To Get Professional Grade Web Development Help?

Web development projects at Seota typically fall into five (5) major categories.

1. Marketing Websites

Marketing websites exist to attract internet traffic to your business and get your phones ringing or to increase foot traffic. We typically advertise this service under our Website Design service but some clients consider it development so it we list it here. Learn about our web design service here.

2. eCommerce Development

We have web developers with expertise in OpenCart, Magento and WooCommerce. We can handle everything from design to payment integration. You provide the subject matter expertise about your products and business, and we will do the rest. Our focus is on building you an e-commerce website that attracts traffic and converts traffic to buyers.

3. WordPress Development

Our WordPress skills are epic. Other web design companies come to Seota when they need help with WordPress. From custom wordpress widget development to custom theme development, we do it all. WordPress development typically falls into our web design service unless you need some special functionality built. (Product Configurators, Multipage Forms, API Integrations and so on)

4. Custom Application Development

Do you need a custom program to do something via a web browser? We can build anything and have built a quite a few incredible projects. Including complete businesses that function as a software as a service. We have integrated legacy data to web front ends, built online scheduling tools for Auto Mechanics that insert appointments into their Point of Sale system, pulled data from disparate servers to personalize web experiences and so much more.


Do you need a custom kiosk for your store? We have built kiosk that interact with other websites, take employment applications, do web check in for meeting and we have built very complicated surveys applications that work on Android tablets.

Web Application Development / Web Development

Web Application Development is different than website design. At Seota when we talk about website development we are talking about programming custom software to be used on your website or on your company’s private intranet. Custom Development is done by the hour and by fix cost pricing.

If you are in Frisco, TX or the Dallas Metroplex we are happy to meet in person to discuss your project. if you are not in DFW we have outstanding video conferencing software to facilitate the meeting.

Recent Example Projects:

Member Management Software

Some of recent projects include a custom built member management program for the American Legion. The application stores all of their members, tracks data vital to their membership, allows the American Legion to use mobile devices to check members into meetings. The system also provides a number of reporting tools about the members.

This program was built from scratch using PHP / MYSQL / CodeIgniter / JQuery and a number of other standard tools.

Digital Waiver Software

A complex project that was built for a local business in under 45 days. The Digital Waiver Software System allows adventure businesses to collect signatures of legal waivers. (think JumpHouse, Go Cart Racing, etc) The software accounts for minors, groups, custom legal forms and a number of other business logic apparatus for legally storing and retrieving the waivers as PDF documents. The web application integrates with a mobile app to capture signatures and the photo of the person doing the signature.

Tools used: PHP / MYSQL / CodeIgniter / JQuery / Android SDK


Seota has built a number of KIOSK applications that allow small business to capture data at the point of sale. These KIOSK have been used for a wide range of data gathering for Job Applications to Satisfaction Surveys.

Tools used: PHP / Postgresql / Laravel / JQuery / Android SDK

API Integrations

We have integrated different software packages to talk with each other to share data and business logic. Typically these integration revolve around Point Of Sale Systems that need to move data to another application like QuickBooks, SalesForce or similar tools.

Custom WordPress Plugins

We have one developer who specializes in building plugins for WordPress. If you want it done, and you want it done in WordPress we can build it.

We have also built custom eCommerce systems for very complex printing applications as well as product configurators for eCommerce. Seota also has experience building custom add ons for OpenCart, Magento and WooCommerce.

Custom Application Development

We love to build custom applications. Please reach out to us and explain your project. We are happy to listen and help you develop a plan.

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