Epicor P21 B2B eCommerce Website Development

B2B eCommerce Websites Synced with P21 Data

As a business-to-business distributor or wholesale company, you may rely on Epicor P21 to manage your inventory, customers and order process. Keeping this all in sync with your eCommerce store can be a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be. Seota has integrated like Magento eCommerce platforms to P21 to sync inventory, push orders securely from the web to P21 using the Epicor API. (there are other options for integration to P21 beside the Epicor middleware - we can help you pick the right middleware & API based on your budget and project requirements)

  • B2B eCommerce websites allow your customers the ability to Self-Serv.
  • A good B2B strategy will integrate with your Epicor ERP and your CRM
  • Advanced eCommerce can allow you to set prices per client login
  • Marketing Automation tied to your Epicor B2B website will allow you do more sales for less expense
  • Gather new customer leads at different points in the sales funnel

Increasing sales from a ERP integrated B2B eCommerce strategy can be easier than it looks. If you are a distributor or wholesaler using Epicor (or any ERP) we can help you turn the complex into simple.

Our Business-to-Business Success is Well Documented

Seota has had a great deal of success for our client’s businesses, selling electronic components, hydraulic equipment, fasteners, and much more. In other words, we have extensive experience in Integrated B2B eCommerce web development.

Seota's offices are located in Frisco, TX and we serve clients nationwide. Learn more about API Integrations

P21 eCommerce Development

Why Seota?

We may be the best small business eCommerce company on the planet. Seota has experienced developers that understand how to integrate disparate systems to work seamlessly. We know how to get data from your ERP system and insert orders and client updates. As a result, your eCommerce system will be easier to manage and keep up to date.

We are able to do things that most web agencies don't even know can be done. We are managed and owned by real business people that have built eCommerce solutions for large corporations and for a lot of customers just like you. Consequently, your eCommerce investment is going to be money well spent.

Take the risk out of your P21 eCommerce project, hire the experts at Seota. Get your project done on time and on budget.

For information about B2B eCommerce website development & design call us at 972-737-2830

Epicor P21 B2B eCommerce Integration by Experts