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B2B eCommerce Website Development

Seota’s ability to integrate to a vast number of APIs for ERP and CRM systems makes us a great choice for your B2B project.

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From catalogs to eCommerce. Seota can integrate into your data and help you change the way clients interact with your business.

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eCommerce Website Design & Development

As a business-to-business sales company, you rely on other small and large businesses to buy goods, get quotes and services from you. A lot of businesses that sell to other businesses are behind the curve on technology and their brand suffers. As a result, there is room to take market share and grow your business by moving aggressively into eCommerce including direct-to-consumer (d2c & b2c).

  • B2B eCommerce websites allow your customers the ability to Self-Serve.
  • A good B2B strategy will integrate with your ERP and your CRM
  • Advanced eCommerce will allow you to set prices per client login
  • Marketing Automation tied to your B2B website will allow you to do more sales for less expense
  • Cross-selling capabilities will allow you to sell more products
  • Up-selling can be vital if you have up-sells available
  • Gather new leads at different points in the e-commerce website sales funnel

For most B2B companies, increasing sales from an eCommerce strategy can be easier than it looks. If you are a distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer we can help you design pages, get reviews, create content, reach more customers, set pricing, and improve your business.

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Our Business-to-Business Success is Well Documented

Seota has had a great deal of success for our client’s brands, selling electronic components, hydraulic equipment, fasteners, jewelry, seasonal gifts, and more. In other words, we have extensive experience in B2B & B2C eCommerce. From enterprise clients to startup wholesalers, we can help.

Seota’s offices are located in DFW, on the Dallas N. Tollway in Frisco, TX. As a result, it is easy for our clients to meet with us. We also offer the option of Zoom meetings and video conference calls with our out-of-state and out-of-town clients.

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eCommerce Technology

eCommerce software platforms for business-to-business sellers have been improving at a rapid rate. As a result, the number of viable options for almost your business to quickly sell online has gotten cheaper and better.  Determining which software platform is right for your business is based on your specific selling needs.

Here are the key factors for picking a B2B eCommerce software platform

  • The complexity of the products you are selling: The more complex your product options the more complex the eCommerce. The simple the product the simple the build. (all things being equal)
  • Backoffice Integration: If you want to integrate into your CRM and/ or your ERP it will impact which toolset you pick as well as how much you will invest. If this is your first go at an eCommerce website, you can dip your toe in the water and keep integrations to a minimum. If you are using your eCommerce platform to differentiate your business from the competition, then a more tightly integrated approach is best. (we do Epicor Integrations)
  • The amount of control you want. If you are using an online Software-as-a-Service eCommerce platform like BigCommerce, which has a lot of B2B functionality, you typically give up flexibility and control but gain ease of use and a ton of features. It is important to realize you never really own your website if you build on a SaaS platform like BigCommerce – that may be ok with you.

These are just a few of the items you need to consider before you embark on your B2B e-commerce design & development project. We have built custom marketplaces, and we have implemented third-party platforms, such as NetSuite and Magento 2.0. If we can’t help you, we can guide you in the right direction.

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B2B eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

Shopify & ShopifyPlus: Shopify is growing in popularity with our B2B client base. To meet the increase in demand we have increased the size of our Shopify team and built some fantastic new Shopify wholesale apps that let wholesale customers buy without going page by page to find replenishment stock.

Adobe Commerce (Magento): Seota has built a number of successful Magento projects this year. Magento is a little more resource-intensive but it allows the best self-service for your buyers. Accordingly, it requires a higher level of expertise. As a result, we don’t often recommend Magento to our small business clients. We have designed online stores to sell electronic components, automobile parts, gifts, and jewelry in Magento. Magento has great built-in features for B2B sales.

As an illustration, a recent Magento eCommerce project integrates into a B2B database of 73,000 auto parts via API. The parts are searchable by automotive make, model, and year. The product data comes from the distributor Turn14 and we then match the part numbers back to a comprehensive list of automobiles which is displayed dynamically on web page templates for shoppers to browse easily.

Custom eCommerce development: our web developers build custom eCommerce applications when the client’s needs don’t neatly fit into one of the off-the-shelf solutions. We can write custom interfaces and custom front-end presentations of your products. We have to build B2B solutions for wholesale jewelry and apparel and a distributor of mechanical equipment.

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Why Seota?

We may be the best small business eCommerce company on the planet. Seota has real developers on staff that understand how the software works under the hood, not just using pre-made page templates. We know how to get data from your ERP system and insert orders and client updates. As a result, your eCommerce system will be easier to manage and keep up to date.

We are able to do things that most web agencies can’t. We are managed and owned by real business people who have built eCommerce solutions for large corporations and many customers just like you. Consequently, your eCommerce investment is going to be money well spent. Our designers have experience with various eCommerce platforms and eCommerce web designing tailored for b2b buyers.
Take the risk out of your eCommerce project, hire the experts at Seota. Get your project done on time and on budget.

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What Are The Benefits Of B2B eCommerce Website Development?

The following are the key advantages of investing in B2B eCommerce Web Development.

  1. Operational Cost:

When you build a B2B eCommerce website you add another sales channel in a very economical way. This will allow you to expand revenue with existing clients as well as expose your business to potential new clients. Having a B2B eCommerce portal also allows your customers to self-service, potentially lowering current client support costs.

  1. Always Available:

A b2b eCommerce website is always available to your customers, 24×7, including holidays. Your customers, big and small, will surprise you with how often they shop outside of normal business hours.

  1. Easy Market Penetration:

Your b2b eCommerce platform will allow you to build brand credibility and expand your market reach. Adding a new product, new region, or new “sales territory” will be easier than ever. At Seota, our eCommerce team will help you think strategically about your new website so that you can look for opportunities you might be missing out on.

  1. Customer Insights:

With some of our more advanced solutions, we can tell you when customers are looking at items they don’t typically buy from you, when they abandon a shopping cart without finishing their order and how frequently they visit your site. Analytics and marketing automation will give you whole new insights into your business clients.

  1. Upsell/Cross Sell Opportunities:

eCommerce, when properly set up by Seota can be a great salesperson. Suggesting upgrades, offering discounts for increasing quantities, and showing products that other customers buy when they add something to the cart are all ways to increase your average order value.

What Are The Most Popular B2B eCommerce Platforms?

eCommerce for business-2-business sales is a little different than selling b2c. That being said, most of the major eCommerce platforms offer good support for b2b functionality..

  1. Magento Adobe Commerce:

Magento was purchased by Adobe and is now called Adobe Commerce. Magento has a community version which is free and a Commerce Pro version which can get expensive for smaller shops. Adobe Commerce (Magento) is as scalable as you need it to be. It can handle your most complicated eCommerce requirements.

  1. WooCommerce:

WooCommerce is now the leading eCommerce “platform” on the internet. In reality, WooCommerce is a plugin or addon for the WordPress CMS and not an eCommerce platform. We like WooCommerce for our smaller B2B clients. Over the years it has become very scalable and at Seota we are the masters of integrating WooCommerce into back-end business systems.

  1. Shopify:

Shopify is the largest hosted eCommerce platform and it is super simple to spin up a store on Shopify. Shopify is hosted in a cloud environment that is 100% controlled by the Shopify Company. Building custom designs for Shopify and applications to add advanced functionality is part of Seota’s core business offerings. The Shopify Ecco system is built so that developers that create plugins and themes can make money through the Shopify Partner Program. Seota is a Shopify Partner.

If you want to run a B2B store on Shopify you will likely need Shopify Plus.

  1. BigCommerce:

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify in that it is hosted and controlled by BigCommerce. You do not need hosting to run a BigCommerce store. We like the BigCommerce platform for B2B stores.

  1. OpenCart:

OpenCart has been transitioning to a SaaS model to compete with Shopify and BigCommerce. Seota abandoned OpenCart support in 2014. We no longer recommend the platform but many still use it without issues.

Why Use Seota, a Top eCommerce Web Development Company?

Hiring Seota, one of the top b2b eCommerce development service providers in the USA will make sure that your project goes smoothly and that you get the most bang for your buck.  Seota can offer you professional guidance to help you avoid many of the pitfalls of building an eCommerce website.

Here are some of the advantages of partnering with a top eCommerce developer.

  1. Award Winning Process:

At Seota, before we write a line of code, we walk you through a consulting process that helps you define your business objectives and long-term goals. Then we draw your website in Adobe XD. You get to see what your site is going to look like and help shape the design, all before any code is written. This reduces your risk and improves your chance of long-term success.

  1. Saves Time and Money:

As they say in Texas, this isn’t our first Rodeo. Our CEO has been doing eCommerce since eCommerce started. Mr. Hogsett led the teams that built the first intranet at Revlon, the first online ticketing system at The PGA of America and the first successful deployment of SiteMinder for B2B eCommerce authentication. Hiring Seota will save you time and money because few agencies have the experience we have to get the job done right and on time.

  1. Integrations, Connections, and Data:

For us, part of building b2b commerce solutions is about making your business run better. We have written integrations to more ERP. POS. CRM & RO systems than we can count. Integrating to your back-end systems allows us to remove duplicate data entry, allows your customers to get better, faster data, and allows your team to deliver faster.

Why are We The Best eCommerce Development Company for you?

First of all, we may not be. We are not a great fit for everyone. As much as we love helping clients succeed online, if we don’t think we can help you win in your market segment or if we are just too busy, we will let you know early in the process. As one of the best eCommerce developers in the country, we are in high demand and we like to help a wide range of companies. Our largest client does over a billion in sales and we have one client we are still trying to coach over the 7-figure mark. All that being said, we could be the best fit for you if you want.

  1. Expertise:

We are not theme stuffers – we are professional designers and coders. Some agencies buy a pre-made theme and try to change images and text to make it look like it’s yours. We don’t do that. We take great pride in our craft and we design and develop solutions to match your brand, goals, and eCommerce platform.

  1. World Class Support:

Performance, Not Excuses is our motto and we mean it. When you need help, we are here to help you and we won’t nickel and dime you. Regular updates, security patches, and improved functionality are all things you will want to be done after you go live. We will be here with you every step of the way.

  1. Flexibility:

When you hire an eCommerce development company, you need a company that can roll with the punches. We love our process, but we also know when to break it to help a client meet a deadline or push the envelope. We will be as committed to your success as you are.

  1. Budget:

Once we do our creative intake and feature scope, we give a very specific budget, we can also craft the features and effort based on your budget. If you tell us, we want to do it all, but we can’t afford the integration – that is okay. We will work with you and your budget to deliver a solution that focuses on your business objectives.

  1. First Class Team:

Seota will assign a dedicated rep to your project that will be your go-between with our development team. You don’t need to speak geek to work with our team. Our b2b eCommerce agency prides itself on hiring the best developers we can afford for each position. Our development teams work in Magento (Adobe Commerce), Shopify, and WooCommerce and we are really good at them all.