B2B eCommerce Website Design

B2B eCommerce Website Design

As a business-to-business sales company, you rely on other small and large businesses to buy goods and services from you. A lot of businesses that sell to other businesses are behind the curve on technology. As a result, there is room to take market share and grow your business by moving aggressively into eCommerce.

  • B2B eCommerce websites allow your customers the ability to Self-Serve.
  • A good B2B strategy will integrate with your ERP and your CRM
  • Advanced eCommerce will allow you to set prices per client login
  • Marketing Automation tied to your B2B website will allow you to do more sales for less expense
  • Cross-selling capabilities will allow you to sell more products
  • Up-selling can be vital if you have up-sells available
  • Gather new leads at different points in the sales funnel

Increasing sales from a B2B eCommerce strategy can be easier than it looks. If you are a distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer we can help you reach more customers and improve your business.

Our Business-to-Business Success is Well Documented

Seota has had a great deal of success for our client’s businesses, selling electronic components, hydraulic equipment, fasteners, jewelry, seasonal gifts, and more. In other words, we have extensive experience in B2B eCommerce. From enterprise clients to startup wholesalers, we can help.

Seota's offices are located in DFW, on the Dallas N. Tollway in Frisco, TX. As a result, it is easy for our clients to meet with us. We also do Zoom meetings and video conference calls with our out-of-state and out-of-town clients.

eCommerce Development for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

Why Seota?

We may be the best small business eCommerce company on the planet. Seota has real developers on staff that understand how the software works under the hood. We know how to get data from your ERP system and insert orders and client updates. As a result, your eCommerce system will be easier to manage and keep up to date.

We are able to do things that most web agencies can't. We are managed and owned by real business people that have built eCommerce solutions for large corporations and for a lot of customers just like you. Consequently, your eCommerce investment is going to be money well spent.

Take the risk out of your eCommerce project, hire the experts at Seota. Get your project done on time and on budget.

For information about B2B eCommerce website design & development call us at 972-737-2830

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Magento eCommerce Development

We are capable of building your B2B eCommerce system on a number of different platforms but the Magento is our go-to-platform. Specifically, we like to leverage the power of the free community edition Magento 2.x coupled with custom programming to get the most bang for your buck.

Magento is a very robust system with very advanced tools to allow us to take your business-to-business sales organization to a whole new level. We can also integrate marketing automation directly into Magento to help you get the most out of every website visit.

For information about B2B eCommerce website design & development please fill out the form below or give us a call. 972-737-2830


B2B eCommerce Technology

eCommerce software platforms for business-to-business sellers have been improving at a rapid rate. As a result, the number of viable options for almost your business to be quickly selling online has gotten cheaper and better.  Determining which software platform is right for your business is based on your specific selling needs.

Here are the key factors for picking a B2B eCommerce software platform

  • The complexity of the products you are selling: The more complex your product options the more complex the eCommerce. The simple the product the simple the build. (all things being equal)
  • Backoffice Integration: If you want to integrate into your CRM and/ or your ERP it will impact which toolset you pick as well as how much you will invest. If this is your first go at eCommerce, you can dip your toe in the water and keep integrations to a minimum. If you are using your eCommerce platform to differentiate your business from the competition then a more tightly integrated approach is best. (we do Epicor Integrations)
  • The amount of control you want. If you are using an online Software-as-a-Service eCommerce platform like BigCommerce, which has a lot of B2B functionality, you typically give up flexibility and control but gain ease of use and a ton of features. It is important to realize, you never really own your website if you build on a SaaS platform like BigCommerce - that may be ok with you.

These are just a few of the items you need to consider before you embark on your B2B e-commerce design & development project. We have built custom market places and we have implemented third-party platforms. Such as NetSuite and Magento 2.0. If we can't help you, we can guide you in the right direction.

B2B eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

Shopify & ShopifyPlus: Shopify is growing in popularity with our B2B client base. To meet the increase in demand we have increased the size of our Shopify team and built some fantastic new Shopify wholesale apps that let wholesale customers buy without going page by page to find replenishment stock.

Magento: Seota has built a number of successful Magento projects this year. Magento is a little more resource-intensive. Accordingly, it requires a higher level of expertise. As a result, we don't often recommend Magento to our small business clients. We have designed online stores to sell electronic components, automobile parts, gifts, and jewelry in Magento. Magento has great built-in features for B2B sales.

As an illustration, a recent Magento eCommerce project integrates into a B2B database of 73,000 auto parts via API. The parts are searchable by automotive make, model and year. The product data comes from the distributor Turn14 and we then match the part numbers back to a comprehensive list of automobiles.

Custom eCommerce development: our web developers build custom eCommerce applications when the client's needs don't neatly fit into one of the off-the-shelf solutions. We can write custom interfaces and custom front-end presentations of your products. We have to build B2B solutions for wholesale jewelry, apparel, and for a distributor of mechanical equipment.

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