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Magento is now Adobe Commerce. Seota has a team dedicated to Adobe Commerce design, development, and upgrades.

Magento eCommerce Development Team

Magento is one of the most robust, feature-rich, sophisticated eCommerce tools on the market today. It is not for everyone, but if you run a serious eCommerce business with multiple sales channels and sophisticated business rules then Magento is your best option. Magento is now owned by Adobe and Adobe has beefed up the already substantial platform with a ton of new integrations and business logic tools. One of the first eCommerce platforms supporting its own PWA. The Magento Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio enables merchants and developers to create reliable, fast, and engaging mobile experiences to boost conversion rates and increase engagement.

Integrated B2B Functionality Not Found Anywhere Else

Transform your B2B buyer experience to increase revenue, loyalty, reduce costs, and drive new growth. Give your business customers the ability to create company accounts and set up multiple buyer profiles under a single company. They can define specific roles and responsibilities per buyer and with self-service tools that are easy to use. You can create custom catalogs and custom price lists for different buyer types to make sure they receive correct contract terms when purchasing. Seota is the team that can support your Magento Commerce needs. We have built Magento eCommerce design solutions with complex custom integrations and we can build Magento extensions in-house for your more sophisticated requirements.

Need Magento Help?

    Magento Business Solutions

    Seota Digital supports B2B distributors, wholesalers, and direct-to-consumer businesses. We have a large client base in the Great State of Texas. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Phoenix, Austin, Frisco, & Plano.
    We offer support for Prophet 21 Middleware, Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC).

    Magento Health Check

    Worried about the state of your Magento eCommerce system? There are a lot of reason to be concerned about your online store; Recent staff turnover, fired your consulting company, slow performance, strange cart behavior, high abandonment rates. Our health check designed to cost-effectively minimize downtime. It includes speed testing and tweaks, Magento core review, module review, and security reviews. A regular health check-ups will help you reduce downtime.

    Magento SEO

    Our SEO team will run our advanced eCommerce SEO audit tools against your Magento install and ferret out opportunities to improve your traffic at all points in your sales funnel. The initial audit focuses on SEO basics and then escalates thru more advanced Key Performance Indicators for strong eCommerce sites.

    We also offer a full digital marketing strategy & planning service that uses the RACE methodology to get your business moving in the right direction. This process also starts with evaluation of your marketing at each stage of the methodology.


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