Seota builds great websites at almost every budget point. We craft websites for a variety of business niches. We have a world-class design process in place that will allow us to build most small business websites in under 30 days. We have finished entire websites, including content migration in as few as three (3) days for clients that lost their website due to technical disasters.

Our web design prices range from under $5k to over $80k. Every website we build is custom-built by drawing it in PhotoShop, getting the drawing approved by the client then slicing it into html5 & CSS. From there we can quickly move to any web platform, including WordPress and Shopify.

Here are some of our favorite web designs, completed in-house, over the last 6 months. All of these designs were done for a budget at or below $10,000.

Affordable Website Designs by Seota

1. eCommerce Developed for Shopify

This website was a collaboration with a local firm that does not work in Shopify. The project has a lot of moving parts, and may have been better suited for WordPress but we made it work in Shopify.  The client was meticulous hyper-focused on details.  This website was designed, developed, and launched for under $10,000. read more

Shopify Development for AED

2. Home Appraisal Website Designed for WordPress

This is a WordPress website that we are very proud of. We built this on a super tight budget and executed it flawlessly. The brand uses orange and gray for colors and we found it very easy to work with.  The font colors and style work to amplify the branding. All the content was provided by the client. The site took 2 weeks to develop and 30 days to get live. (often we are waiting on client content.) read more

Appraisal Business Frisco Website in WordPress
Web Design for Property Appraisal Business by Seota Digital Marketing Frisco, TX

3. Medial Website, under 10k with Unique Features

This client has been a Seota client since 2010, we handle their SEO website management. This website has a number of unique features including our stacking banner that splits into 3 pieces to stack on mobile. It also has a user-generated content section where new parents can upload babies into a gallery.

OB GYN Website design by Seota

4. Game Table Website Designed for WordPress and WooCommerce

This would be #1 but we can’t take all the credit. The owner is a designer and he drew the website in PhotoShop and we took the design and turned it into a high converting eCommerce website.  We actually built two versions of this site, one in Shopify and one in WooCommerce. read more

Pool Table Sales in Shopify
We built this design for Shopify and WordPress. The client opted for WP. Dev by Seota Digital Marketing

5. WooCommerce Shopping Experience for Residential “Golf” Carts

This project was built from the ground up to sell an American Made Golf Cart that has numerous options that dynamically update the price of the cart in the shopping cart. Images provided by the client. Design, development, and integrations to payment are all done by Seota.

American Carts Website Design

6. Web Design for B2B Circuit Board Manufacturer

We love the imagery on this website and the large text – the audience is more desktop-centric so we took advantage of that in the design. This website uses a WordPress plugin built by Seota to allow for a complicated multi-part form that allows the end-user to submit a request for a quote.

B2B Web Design Circuit Manufacturer

If your small business is looking for great web design on a budget we can help. We offer services for every reasonable price point. These are great examples of our starter website packages, to show what you can get for $10k or less. Prices vary based on your requirements. Advanced functionality custom applications add to the price.