alphabroder api integration
  • June 11th, 2022

Case Study – alphabroder API Integration for Threadfast Apparel

Getting Real-Time Inventory from Multiple Warehouse Locations

Sometimes doing eCommerce your way presents some unique challenges. Threadfast Apparel, a Manhattan-based apparel company with more than 25 years in the industry, uses alphabroder as their sole distributor. With 9 distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada, alphabroder is able to cover a broad fulfillment area for Threadfast Apparel’s customers.

However, there was a challenge because not every alphabroder warehouse had available Threadfast inventory in stock at all times. Determining which warehouse had which inventory to fulfill customer orders could be difficult for orders with half a dozen products spread out across three warehouses.

Our aplphabroder API Developers created a system to allow Threadfast to:

  • Pick inventory from multiple warehouses using an algorithm to find the closest inventory to the end customer.
  • Insert orders into the warehouse system
  • Return confirmation of order from the warehouse to Shopify
  • Get tracking numbers per order
  • Keep consolidated inventory reports up-to-date in near-real-time in Shopify

Connect alphabroder API to Shopify

Seota partnered with Threadfast Apparel to integrate their Shopify site with alphabroder in a meaningful and intelligent way. Seota worked with Threadfast right up front to understand their ideal delivery model and devise the best solution.

Seota knows eCommerce and we know APIs, so we developed a custom API to integrate Shopify with the alphabroder API so that when a customer places an order, it first determines which warehouses have the available inventory to fulfill the order fastest. The API determined the closest source of inventory to ship from. Then, when each order is picked and shipped, alphabroder’s system in each warehouse sends the shipping info back through our API to Threadfast Apparel’s Shopify site, which then notifies the customer and provides shipping and tracking information.

Seota starts with understanding the business problem to provide the right solution to the right client at the right time. If you have an integration need, give us a call. If there’s not an API for that, we can build one.

About Seota API Development

Seota is a full-service digital agency with a very strong programming staff that can work with most existing restful API services. Seota has created our own APIs for various platforms and mobile application development. We specialize in multi-location businesses that need assistance with marketing technology and web development.

About alphabroder

alphabroder api integration

alphabroder – Prime Line is the union of 10 companies whose people, products and personalities have been successfully integrated over the last two decades.
The companies that makeup alphabroder – Prime Line have rich histories going back more than 100 years.

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