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  • May 30th, 2018

WordPress Plugin To Slide Products From WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce inside of WordPress we have built a cool little tool for you in the form of a WordPress Plugin. Now you can dynamically drop featured products, new products, or sales products into any page as a slider to improve your WooCommerce Design.

We developed this plugin for our eCommerce Customers to use, but we are giving it away to anyone who wants it. Our Developers do not offer free support for the Plugin but updates will be made available.

The WooCommerce Product Slider is really simple to use.

For example to setup a slider for featured products:

  •  Flag a few products as Featured in WooCommerce
  • Quickly check your settings in the WooCommerce Essential Slider Plugin
  • Copy the short code to display Featured Products
  • Past the shortcode into any page or post on your WordPress website.

Need WordPress development help?

In our real life WordPress Example above we have set the plugin to show 4 columns and slide upto 8 featured products. We also set the slider to stop sliding when a customer hovers over a product. In this example we also have the slider rewinding when it finishes. (looping)

WordPress Slider Plugin in Action
Example of our WordPress Plugin in action with mouse hover of a product.

Our new WooCommerce WordPress plugin is great for showing featured products, sale products, or new products on your blog post, on your WordPress home page or anywhere in your WordPress Website. Best of all our WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce is FREE.

You now have complete control of the slider heading when creating your shortcode to display your e-commerce slider. See all of Seota’s WordPress Plugins here. Get more plugins on WordPress itself.

Updated we have upgraded the plugin to me even more fantastic. This WooCommerce plugin has more options to slide more products with the ultimate control. Drop you products onto any WordPress Page with ease.


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