Custom Development with PHP Frameworks

PHP is a scripting language used for web development, it used extensively. According to W3Techs PHP is used on 78.3% of all websites, including this WordPress site that you are reading now.

At Seota we have a team of developers that are expert in PHP but some specialize in different Frameworks. In context of our work, a Framework is a reusable and universal structure used to create software applications. In other words, it is the foundation and architecture we use for building custom software. It provides our web developers with code base and consistent standardized methods of creating web applications.

Our PHP Frameworks of Choice?

Laravel: Laravel is one of our favorite PHP Frameworks to build in because they have an extensive ecosystem to speed up our development process & a large development community for us to recruit from. The Laravel framework is pushing the leading edge of web development in combination with great tools from Amazon AWS.

CodeIgniter: If Laravel is our favorite, CodeIgniter is our most used and our go to platform for simple and elegant web development solutions. CodeIgniter has a very small footprint and is easy to install and configure.  We use CI for fast, secure and functional web development on a budget.

Symfony: We love the Symfony framework and have used it for internal projects as well as for a successful Software-as-a-Service application. It is a little tougher to find strong, affordable developers in Symfony so we have shied away from using it more often. If you have a current Symfony application that needs support, we can help you. If you want a new Symfony application we will point you to another firm.

We can use all of the above frameworks to create backend services for mobile apps, web apps and API integrations that make your business run smoother.

Need To Hire a Back End or Front End Developer?

Let Seota save you the time and the hassle of hiring another in house developer. We can augment your team with hourly support or build whole applications with a blended hourly rate that is quite palatable.

In Addition to the PHP Frameworks, we also develop cross platform applications and incorporate the latest JaveScript languages like JS, React Native, VueJS into our projects. We also have an excellent team of Django programers.

Affordable Custom PHP Web Application Development

We love to build custom web applications.

Please reach out to us and explain your project. We are happy to listen and help you develop a plan.

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