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At Seota, we use Social Media to drive Social Signals to Google. We also drive revenue and leads via Social Ad Campaigns.

Social Media for Small Business

Social Media Marketing for your Small Business is critical to your long-term success. We make it affordable for your business to reach your target market over various social media platforms. Social media can drive more local traffic to your business, more inbound leads, and drive more foot traffic. We have proven processes that will improve your marketing reach via Facebook, Instagram & business review sites.

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Scale and Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

With Instagram and Facebook growing their audience and influence on an hourly basis, it is more important than ever that you have a strategy to take advantage of the social platforms. Now, more than ever, you can reach your target audience with targeted messages about your business. Social marketing with ROI.


Social Media Marketing for your Small Business

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Expert Social Marketing Will Improve Your Revenue

Your competitors are engaged in Social Media Marketing. They have hired a Social Media company to work on their behalf. They are trying to take your market share.  If you don't spend on Social Media, you will see your competition winning in the market place. You have a choice to make: not if you are going to do Social Media, but if you are going to hire an expert to help you leverage the power of the social platforms.  Seota Digital Marketing has over a decade of experience helping local businesses improve sales and acquire more new customers. We focus on creative marketing campaigns that bring in clients. Our methods and processes work and we have the track record to back up everything we say.


Social Media Drives Revenue

Local Social Media Marketing can drive customers to your website and drive revenue.  Facebook and Instagram are the cornerstones to leveraging your social media assets in order to improve the state of your business. SEOTA can:

Build your social media marketing plan
Define your customer and how to reach them on social media
Drive targeted traffic via organic and paid social ads
Optimize your conversions
Update and maintain relevant review sites

Sync your local directory listings
Encourage customers to engage and share your content
Increase positive online reviews on Google & Facebook
Collect and share testimonials
Be your social media advocate


Local Small Business Marketing
Facebook and Instagram have incredible ad-targeting capabilities. This presents a big opportunity for small businesses willing to take advantage of social media platforms.

Cost Effective Social Media Marketing Targets Mobile Users

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