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We no longer do OpenCart Development. This page is here for historical reference.

Your Online Store and OpenCart

OpenCart is Open Source software that has all of the key tools that you need to run your eCommerce store. OpenCart, when combined with extensions, allows for the complex category, supplier, and product management. Seota has been using OpenCart for clients since 2010. Our deep experience with commerce platforms allows us to quickly build your online store. As a result, this reduces your time to market and gets you selling products quicker. We are also OpenCart SEO ecommerce experts.

Online Payments and Inventory Management Built In

Adding online payment processing to OpenCart is typically very easy. There are free or very cheap extensions for most major CC processors. Even if you use a smaller CC processor, our developers can quickly write a custom extension to get your payments flowing smoothly.

Inventory management is done per SKU. For instance, if you sell footwear. Each size of a shoe would have its own SKU. This gives you micro-control of your inventory. We have also integrated inventory updates that flow between Quick Books and OpenCart; this can reduce the manual labor involved in updated inventory in the eCommerce platform.

Managing Orders and Customers

OpenCart has a really simple interface to allow you to manage your customers and your online orders. We really like the simplicity of this eCommerce platform’s order management system. With a few simple extensions, you can run your online store with the same sophistication and agility as the big online sellers.

The Platform is also fantastic for B2B eCommerce sellers. We can build your B2B store to:

  • Require users to log in to see prices
  • Offer quantity discounts
  • Use complex pricing matrices
  • Do complex order configuration

OpenCart is not right for every business, and Magento, Woo Commerce or a custom shop may be more appropriate for your needs. Our experienced team can help you find the right solution for your long-term objectives for your online store.

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