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  • July 18th, 2018

Seota Launches An Agency Directory

We get monthly calls from businesses in faraway cities asking if we can recommend a local provider to help them with SEO or Web Design. The clients want an agency that they can sit in a room with and they are not comfortable working remotely. To that end, we keep a database of local agencies that we can refer clients to based on the client’s budget and project scope.

We decided to take our internal database and expand it to include more cites and more agencies. We have not vetted the agencies so that is up to the buyer. We pull in relevant reviews and relevant agency data to give you a little information to help work up a shortlist.

You can use our Agency Finder Tool here – and here is a list of cities we have SEO and Web Design data for. Good luck.

If you don’t need an agency that can pop into your local office, then we are here for you. Our Frisco, TX based agency is one of the best in DFW. We build everything from scratch, we have an awesome custom development team and our designs are second to none.

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