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In 2010, web browsing changed forever when Bootstrap responsive standards were released. Seota has been designing and developing with Bootstrap since it was released.

Mobile Websites That Work

Mobile Responsive Websites

In 2007 Apple changed the world when they started selling the iPhone. The smartphone revolution began and it led us to where we are today. Everyone is connected to the internet all the time via their smart device.

In 2014 the number of people using the internet via mobile device outnumbered those using a desktop or laptop. Chart via smartinsights. (via comscore)

mobile users outnumber desktop

One of the most amazing stats about mobile users is that many people are using their smartphone to surf the web while their desktop or laptop computer is just a couple of feet away in the another room.

Mobile Websites

What does this mean for your business?

mobile website programming

Mobile Website Are Easier Than Ever

Great news, building a mobile friendly website is easier than ever. Using 'responsive' web design principles and tools your new website can respond differently for each user based on the size of device' viewing window (view port in tech speak).
At Seota we understand Responsive technology and how to implement it to maximize your users mobile experience. Our Dallas based web development team are experts in MOBILE Websites. We don't just make a smaller version of your website. Some of things we do for you to make sure your mobile users are highly engaged.

  1. Map your users objectives based on their device.
    • What does someone sitting at a traffic light need to have access to on your website before the light changes?
    • How easy is it to call your business from your website. Can the mobile user click your phone number?
    • Is there a clear link to get directions that will activate the map on the customers phone?
  2. Show the mobile user a slimmed down version of your site. That big slider you have that offers no value, we don't show it to your mobile user. (unless you make us)
  3. Give your users BIG Buttons to use on mobile for the main activities the person is visiting your site for.

Mobile Websites Are The Key To Your Long Term Success

In the U.S., 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-only (they rarely or never use a desktop to access the web)

Let that sink in... 25% of you web traffic will never, ever see your website on a desktop or laptop. What experience, impression of you business does that 25% have?

At Seota we use experience and Google Analytics data to build site flow for mobile and desktop users. Knowing that your mobile users will have different objectives is important to giving the experience they need to spend money with your business.

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