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  • December 11th, 2020

Four Ways to Drive Organic Traffic to Reach Your Target Audience

Organic Traffic Builds Upon Itself and is Your Best Long Term Strategy

The rise and advancement of technology has indeed transformed the business landscape, bringing the digital space to life. Nowadays, businesses are able to capture a wider audience to further build their brand identity and reach their intended users by establishing their online presence with the help of search engine optimization (SEO), a popular digital marketing technique that allows you to improve your site to boost its visibility.

While the online space has certainly opened multiple opportunities for more conversions and sales, it has also intensified competition. The challenge for many businesses today is making sure that users choose their products or services rather than those of their competitors. Thus, the question is: How can SEO help you achieve this objective?

One of its top advantages is its ability to generate organic traffic, a key metric that can help you reach your targeted audience. What makes organic traffic so valuable and beneficial is that it does not require a significant investment but produces long-term results, allowing you to maximize your returns. There are several ways in which you can drive organic traffic with your SEO strategy, so if you are not sure where to start, try out these four top practices.

Optimize for Voice Search

Voice searches have long been around now, but it was only in 2019 when they started gaining huge popularity. As of 2020, half of all smartphone users use this function, emphasizing the importance of optimizing for voice search technology. The nature of voice searches is slightly different from textual searches since they tend to be more conversational, mimicking people’s natural language when asking a question. Thus, you must consider the semantic differences when choosing your keywords.

One of the most important considerations in voice search optimization is user intent. Understanding how they structure their queries is important since you want to provide them an exact answer to their questions. Back then, much of the focus was keyword placement and selection, but now, you must also figure out the purpose behind users’ searches to make sure your content gives them the right answers.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you want to boost organic traffic in your site, you must incorporate long-tail keywords into your SEO strategy. As their name implies, long-tail keywords are longer, more specific, and focused, which makes them incredibly useful for reaching your target audience. They are not only suitable for answering voice queries but also more effective for users who are close to making a purchase.

If you are working in a highly competitive market where almost all businesses are using the same keywords, it becomes important to highlight your niche or uniqueness. Long-tail keywords can help you do this by targeting more specific phrases, thus increasing your site’s chances of ranking high, allowing you to reach users who are more likely to check out your website.

Long-tail keywords are often ignored as they generate a lower search traffic. However, this is only the case because these keywords are more targeted, so their aim is to reach your intended audience. This way, you can reach users who are most likely to convert into customers. While you naturally want to generate as many leads as possible, the quality of those leads will still be more important in the long run.

Update Content Regularly

No matter what your business, brand, or industry may be, the content will always be important in your marketing strategy since this will attract customers. Take the opportunity to write leadership posts, tutorials, guides, and other informative articles to showcase your range of knowledge. The more quality and valuable content you have, the higher the chances of boosting organic traffic and increasing your site visitors.

With that said, always emphasize quality when creating any form of content. The key to increasing organic traffic is to create content that users will feel like sharing, as this can quickly compound and reach more users than you may initially think.

As our Freinds at Boston Web Design agency Up and Social say, regular content updates can be used to trigger a waterfall of marketing and user experience events.

Create a Blogging Strategy

Blogging is said to be one of the most effective ways to increase your site traffic for various reasons. Having a reliable and consistent blogging strategy will entice users to read your content, improve your brand reputation, generate more leads, and build more backlinks. A blog gives you a platform to create valuable and informative content on your industry or niche, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise. Posting frequently and consistently will then help you establish a loyal following, lending credibility to your name.

Similar to the importance of a solid content marketing strategy, a well-made blogging strategy is also needed to boost organic traction. It begins with keyword research, which you can then categorize into factors like user personas or search volume. When building content, you must make sure you address your customers’ pain points and answer their questions as this will prompt them to tune in to your content at all times.

Like any other SEO practice or strategy, increasing organic traffic does not come with a fixed formula to follow. You will have to discover what approach works best for your business based on your objectives and target audience. It is normal for some practices to work better for some businesses than others, which makes it important to measure your results. Monitoring your campaigns consistently and refining your strategy as you see fit will ensure you get your desired results.

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