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Your business is important to you. Keep your website safe, have a plan for outages.
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We Manage WordPress Websites, and we do it better.

What makes us better?

  • We have been doing this forever.
  • We have a process that starts with weekly checklist and updates.
  • We keep your website running, and if you have a disaster, we can help your recover- quickly.
  • We install security firewalls on every client website to block and deter hacking attempts.
    • Why? It is much easier to protect your site then to recover it.
  • We actually have WordPress experts on staff.
  • Our competitors often outsource to us. We do their work, so why pay for their markup?

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A Responsive WordPress Website

A “responsive” website responds to the screen size of the user and changes to be more functional for the screen in use.

You want a website that is easy to find on Google, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly. We have been building responsive websites since 2011. Seota was one of the first to standardize on the technology needed to build responsive websites.

Google started doing mobile first indexing over a year ago. They base your desktop rankings on how your mobile site performs.


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We Also Do WordPress SEO

Drive inbound leads with your website

Competitor Analysis

Our team analyzes the SEO of your competitors to see where they are winning leads.

Audience Analysis

We take an in-depth look at your target audience to learn how to reach the different audience segments you need.

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Keyword Analysis

We have the best keyword research tools available on the market. We can quickly determine gaps in your keyword coverage and build a strategy to close those gaps.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is critical to the success of your website. There are many things done for SEO that send brand signals to Google about how trusted your business is.


In addition to all the traffic reports, ranking reports, and Google My Business reports, you will also get a login to our project management tool to see what we are doing for you.

Regular Reviews of Your Analytics

Everything we do is driven by the data we get from Google and other sources. We try to look at each analytics account once a week. Some accounts, based on their plan, get daily attention.

Business Web Design at a Better Price

Get a better website with our time-tested, results-oriented approach and save money!

We have built internal tools and processes aimed at delivering the best website that money can buy. Don’t pay double or even triple for a website that is inferior. Get the best website for your budget, delivered on time.

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The Digital Agency You Don’t Want Your Competitors Using

Our website design, digital marketing, and SEO clients have an unfair business advantage over their competitors. Our guerrilla methods and creative thinking allow our clients (you) to compete with national brands for local market share. World class, enterprise-grade digital marketing for your growing business.

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Special Design for Multiple Business Locations and Franchises

Guaranteed To Improve Your Results

Businesses with multiple locations have special needs when it comes to website design. Multi-location businesses need to have unique landing pages for each of their locations. This is critical to each location’s success. Our store locator tool was built in-house. We also are multi-location SEO experts with a proven track record.

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