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Seota has done more Zenoti into WordPress API Integrations than anyone in the USA.

Integrate Zenoti to WordPress

Seota is one of the first companies in the USA to successfully connect Zenoti (the Spa Management software) to WordPress. We are able to successfully eliminate the need to use a Zenoti sub-domain to display your products and services.  We still need to send clients to the Zenoti system when they want to schedule an appointment but we can handle all other e-commerce needs in WordPress or Shopify with near real-time inventory data pulled from Zenoti.

We connect WordPress to Zenoti via the Zenoti API. Zenoti has built a great API that allows us to use many different endpoints to accomplish many different things for you, the spa owner.

Do you want to sell Giftcards on your website and insert orders into Zenoti with the Zenoti API? We can help.

More about our WordPress Development Need help with complicated API integration - Relax, we got this.

Zenoti API Integration

What is Zenoti?

Zenoti is a Salon and Spa management software used by over 20,000 locations worldwide.

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface that is used to allow disparate systems to communicate. For example, you can have a WordPress website hosted in Texas that can use an API to communicate with a Zenoti Application hosted anywhere in the world.

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    Zenoti API Integration

    Can you connect my Zenoti POS to my WordPress site?

    Yes, we do it all the time. We connect Zenoti to your WooCommerce store and allow WooCommerce to securely interact with your point of sale.  The real-time connection to Zenoti allows you to manage your products, prices, and inventory in Zenoti and we can use the Zenoti API to import those products and services into WordPress (or any shopping cart software you might be using).

    Can my customer place orders in WooCommerce or Shopify and have them inserted into Zenoti?

    Yes, we can insert orders for products and gift cards directly from your WooCommerce or Shopify website. Your client never leaves your website and it is a very nice user experience.  Once you close the order in Zenoti we can even update your inventory in WooCommerce or Shopify to reflect the change.

    We Own a competing Digital Agency, will you help us with our client?

    Of course, we only ask for transparency. We help agencies all the time with Zenoti and other complex integrations. You keep your client, we connect the client with their Zenoti installation. You pay us, the client pays you.

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