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This page is made just for our Frisco web visitors and may not be relevant to users outside of the local area or near our Frisco location.

Our Web Design and SEO Company has been Headquartered in Frisco, TX since 2009 when our first three employees moved into Hall Office Park. Three of our clients from that first year are still with us today.  Frisco has grown so much since those early days that is hard to recognize the city as the small Dallas Suburb one exit up the tollway from Plano. The Dallas Cowboy's just moved in down the street from our office and there are 100's of businesses moving to Frisco from all over the country.

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Our boutique digital consulting firm has clients in Virginia, California and almost everywhere in between but N. Texas is home and most of our clients are within 100 miles of our office. If you are near Frisco or 1,000 miles away you can rest assured that we will treat you like you have never been treated by a business partner.

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When you deal with one of the most experienced web teams in the country you get the benefit of our experience and our overflowing tool box of web design tricks. A lot of our competitors buy pre-built themes and then change the pictures and text to match your business.They have no concept of what is going on under the hood or how to fix issues when they arise. We call these firms WordPress "Theme Jockeys". Our team builds every website from the ground up. Often for less than the theme jokey firms will charge.

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Mobile Friendly and Search Engine Ready

We have been preaching the benefits of responsive design since 2011. At the time we were one of a handful of firms in the country capable of developing a responsive website using an off the shelf CMS. Now most CMS software, like WordPress,  is responsive out of the box. What makes a Responsive Design from Seota different is the way we implement the technology. Visit on your phone to see an example of how easy our designs are to use as compared to the competition. With our designs it is easy for your clients to do what they want to do when they visit your website on their phone. (which is different then what they want to do when they visit on their desktop)

Optimized for Local Frisco SEO

If you are a local business and you need to drive local web traffic into your store or business then there is no company in town more experienced or more skilled in the fine art of Local SEO than Seota. Local SEO relies on a lot of variables to make sure you outrank your other local competitors. We take the approach that Google wants to deliver their clients to the best website for the search phrase entered. Our job is to make your business website be the best site for the search phrases that matter to your business.

Meet Our Competition: Frisco Web Designers

We turn down projects based on our ability to help the client achieve their objectives. If we decided not to do your project we are happy to point you to these Frisco, TX firms.
We are also happy to inspect the technical ability of any firm you are considering

Blue Matrix Media

Our Professional Opinion:

Blue Matrix Media is good Web Design company based in Frisco, TX. Blue Matrix does Web Design and Website Development in DFW. They specialize in WordPress and have done work in Drupal. Their technical and design skills are expanding. We would hire them if Seota did not exist. Three of the reference sites we checked were built in Drupal and were custom designed as far as we could tell. We did check two WP sites and one appeared to be a Theme Jockey site and one appeared to be custom. We spoke with the owners and they say they are doing custom development WordPress sites for most clients, based on budget.

Frisco Web Design Blue Matrix Media

Safe to hire


Our Professional Opinion:

Cignitech is a website design and development firm based in Frisco, TX. We checked a few of their reference sites and some of them are very nice. They use themes purchased from Themeforest as basis for their work on the sites that we inspected. If you do not care if your website is custom designed then Cignitech is a safe options.

We would not hire


Our Professional Opinion

A well established Frisco web design firm. All of their reference sites that we inspected are built on themes that they purchased and then customized to fit the clients needs. Their goto theme is a theme called Divi. This Frisco internet firm does a very good job with a lot of their client websites.
If you are thinking about hiring them we suggest you ask if you are getting a custom site or a site created from a purchased theme.


Safe to Hire

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 51 reviews.