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  • February 18th, 2019

Some Digital Marketing Happens Off Line

In today’s always connected world everything you do is online even when it is not.

I recently gave the example of a speaking engagement we booked for a client. The presentation happened in a hotel ballroom and there were fewer than 75 people in the room and no live stream. Can you guess what happened?

  • Some of the attendees updated facebook, some tweeted and a few posted pictures to Instagram,
  • The event sponsor wrote a nice little blurb on their website that linked to our client,
  • We were able to get a few mentions in a local online publication,
  • and our client got a lead from the event that turned into business – The lead came from their website where their new client was doing more due diligence.

If your internet marketing company is only focusing on the internet then you are losing money.

At Seota Digital Marketing we understand what it takes to market your business. Not every business is a good fit for Seota. We do best with clients who want to grow their business. Clients who are willing to do things like speaking engagements and creative demand generation. You are probably thinking ‘well everyone wants to grow their business’ so I will rephrase that statement – we do best with clients willing to take actions that will grow their business. Talking about it and doing it are two different things.

Give us a call if you want to grow your business and you are willing to help us help you 972-737-2830

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