WooCommerce Website Design to Sell Floor Plans

San Antonio, TX

Seota Skills Used

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Barndominium Plans
WooCommerce Website Design for Digital Content

Project Description

BarndoPlans.com is in the business of selling floor plans for Barndominiums. They came to Seota to be migrated from a very dated-looking Wix website to a fresh new WordPress design with advanced eCommerce capabilities. The old barndominium website did not have eCommerce capability, and barndoplans.com really needed the ability to sell digital content.

A Trailblazing Transformation for BarndoPlans.com: Logo, Brand Guide, and Website Overhaul

Client Overview

Our client, BarndoPlans.com, is a company renowned for its unique and appealing digital content. Their challenge was formidable: enhancing their brand to stand out amid a sea of highly successful competitors, all while promoting direct sales of their digital content.

Project Type

In response to their needs, we at Seota Digital Marketing launched a comprehensive project that extended beyond the scope of a traditional website build. Our aim was to revolutionize the BarndoPlans.com brand from the ground up.

Business Objectives

BarndoPlans.com’s business objectives were twofold. First, they aimed to strengthen their branding to rise above the competition and cement their position in the market. Second, they wanted to leverage their new-and-improved brand to drive direct sales of their digital content.

Business Challenges

BarndoPlans.com’s primary challenge lay in the task of brand elevation. The digital content landscape is fraught with highly successful competitors, making it essential for BarndoPlans.com to find ways to stand out and grab audience attention.

The Seota Solution

To tackle these challenges head-on, we embarked on an ambitious project encompassing several key elements: a new logo, a complete website overhaul with WooCommerce integration, a custom Barndominium search program, and a bespoke checkout experience.

Our team designed a sleek and modern logo, encapsulating the essence of BarndoPlans.com, marking the first step in their brand transformation. The website redesign wasn’t just about aesthetics. By integrating WooCommerce, we opened the doors for BarndoPlans.com to sell directly from their site, turning it into a powerful sales tool.

In a bid to enhance the user experience, we introduced a custom Barndominium search program. This innovative tool allows users to find precisely what they’re looking for with ease, thus streamlining the shopping process. Furthermore, we created a custom checkout experience designed to make transactions as smooth as possible for their customers.

The transformation of BarndoPlans.com showcases our commitment at Seota Digital Marketing to help small businesses leverage internet technology. We are proud to have been a part of their journey and look forward to supporting more businesses in their pursuit of digital excellence.