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Website Migration to WordPress from Webflow

Plano, TX
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SFMG Wealth Advisors had recently undergone a website redesign in WebFlow. The new site was well-designed, but SFMG wanted greater site manageability and flexibility, as well as opportunities for better SEO. Seota started by re-creating the website design with some minor design improvements, including the top navigation bar and and a new Values section. Once the design changes were green-lit, we began developing the site in WordPress, with content manageability as the key focus. Since one good idea begets another, we’ve begun working on additional site enhancements, including custom Team Member pages, and a dynamically-routed contact form. Website re-platforming is something we receive several requests for, so even if you’re happy with your website’s design, re-developing in WordPress might open up several new possibilities for your business.