Dallas Law Firm Website Design

Dallas, TX

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Dallas Law Firm Website

Project Description

Spencer Scott PLLC in Dallas, TX needed a new website for their growing practice and to make sure they were capitalizing on their AdWords advertising spend by having a website that converts visitors into clients.

The mobile version is “Call To Action” (CTA)  heavy with multiple opportunities for visitors to quickly click to contact the law firm.  The mobile version also uses sticky CTAs at the top and bottom of the website. This allows the user to read content and then when triggered click the CTA to call or fill out a contact form.

The website was designed in Photoshop and the client requested edits while it was still a drawing. Once the client approved all renderings we sent it to our website production team to be coded into the highly effective website you see here.

The site is built in a WordPress Custom Theme designed from ground up.

Conversion rates are up drastically in the first 30 days and our client is very happy.

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