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Seota can help you with PPC, Display ads, Social Media ads, and geotargeted advertising.

Creating An Effective Online Advertising Strategy is Paramount

Advertising online is one of the quickest and cost effective ways for businesses of any size to improve their revenue and acquire new customers. Depending on your business objectives there are a number of different approaches to apply to your campaign.

Of the many options available, PPC (Paid Per Click) and paid social are the two that make the most sense for small business. Depending on your product or services, display advertising and in-app ads may also be be appropriate and necessary to get the returns you are looking for.

Before you get started it is important that we know what success looks like. We have had clients come to us for help that were spending more per acquisition then the life time value of the client.

Advertising Online With Seota

Our digital advertising service is designed to help you get the most return on your advertising dollar. We start by understanding your business objectives and defining ROI driven campaigns.


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Paid Search

The quickest way to the first page of Google is thru Paid Search Ads. Paid search goes by a number of names such as Pay Per Click Ads, PPC, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and a few others. No matter how you refer to paid search, the goal is the same, instant and well targeted website traffic.

Pro Tip: If you are buying PPC ads and you don't have a specific landing page setup for each line of business you are advertising, you are wasting money.  A landing page is built specifically to convert your users into prospects or customers.

How it Works

You bid on key words or key phrases that your target customer is searching for. Google shows advertisements to people searching. The ads at the top of the 1st page are determined by a number of factors including actual dollars bid and the quality of the landing page for search term the user entered. Having a landing page with a High Quality Score can drastically reduce the amount of money you need to spend per click. You get charged when a user clicks your advertisement.



    Paid Social Advertisement

    Paid Social Ads can be very effective if you have a unique product, you have a timely offer, you have great advertising content, and/or if you are trying to grow your audience.

    Paid Social ads are just the opposite of paid search. With paid social you specify the audience thru targeting and work to induce them to click your offer. The users are not searching for your product or service , you are, in essence searching the ocean of social users for your customers. Facebook ads let you target locally, age, gender, interest, profession and a number of other key demo and Sociographics. Targeting is less robust then it once was.

    How It Works

    After tightly defining your target market we design unique ads per target market and per service offering. A 32 year old mother of two is going to click different ads then a 23 year old recent college graduate living in an apartment. Both may be your customer, they just have different reason for buying from you.

    Once your targeting is well defined we build advertisements per target group. We decide where to show those ads on FB and we define a daily budget. (if your budget allows, we do A/B split testing to find the best performing ads.)

    Who Are Your Customers?

    Before doing any social media advertising you should have a very clear picture of who your customers are. The more you know about the people who spend money at your business the better you will be able to target your ad groups.

    The better targeted your advertisements, the better results you will get. We are all about results.