• July 23rd, 2017

Medical SEO and Marketing: 4 Things to Know

1. Where you show on Google makes a difference

The difference between showing up near the top of page one in the search engines and showing up on page two can be measured in dollars – and a lot of them. The top 4 organic spots on Google get 83% of the organic clicks. Page 2 results get almost no clicks (1%).

So if you want to get patients from your website the trick is to get a top 4 rankings for keyword phrases relevant to the services you offer and want to deliver to patients.

One of the first questions we ask a new medical client is what services do you enjoy delivering the most and which services do you make the most money on – we focus on the ones that overlap both sectors.

2. Focus on what matters

As we alluded to in #1 – as a team we need to focus our efforts on getting your website to rank for the services you enjoy delivering and that are profitable. We stress keyword research based on your market, your preference and your revenue objectives. Once we have the list we rank the phrases and focus 80% of our efforts on the top 3. We need to constantly reevaluate the phrases we are focusing on based on search engine changes, changes to your payor mix and new advancements and services that your practice is offering.

3. Constant change is the only constant

Search result change and vary from minute to minute and from user to user. As Google gets better with personalization and location based results for mobile searches the harder it will become to rely strictly on SEO to drive your traffic and revenue. This is the primary reason we have expanded our offering to include BRAND ADVOCATE services. In addition to working on your rankings we get you in front of your clients base wherever we can find them.

4. The more things change…

Our leadership has been involved in SEO since 2000 and one thing that we have learned is that the more things change the more they stay the same. Google has one job and that is to deliver to the searcher a list of results that best match what that user needs in context of their location. Our job at SEOTA is to make sure you are in that best match list. To do that we need great content relevant to what you do and what your clients are searching for and we need inbound links. For all of the ‘secret sauce’ SEO companies try to sell two things have always mattered most 1) great content and 2) people linking to that content.

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