Digital marketing automation
  • May 3rd, 2019

What Is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing strategy, plans, tactics, tools and mediums used to drive sales or brand awareness thru digital channels. Digital marketing is measured, and results oriented vs. traditional or legacy marketing which is often hard to measure.

The internet is ubiquitous in most modern societies and is accessed via an increasing number of device types and situations. As much as everyone uses the internet the usage is still growing. According toe Pew Research regular internet usage by adults increased 5% in the last three years.

Digital marketing automation

Marketing, digital or otherwise, has always been about the four Ps. Product, Price, Place and Promotion – now many digital marketers are thinking about things in much more specific terms. Where does marketing automation fall in to the 4-Ps? Traditional marketers may say it belongs in promotion – but we don’t.

Like many of today digital marketers we got our first real taste of different thinking about marketing from Seth Godin. His Permission Marketing book during the Dot Com boom is still central to the way we look at digital marketing. Where does Permission fall into the traditional 4P model?

Jerome McCarthy defined the 4P marketing model to account, broadly, for all marketing activity, when marketing was 100% about interruption – permission marketing adds a level of complexity that the 4P model does not account for.

Permission marketing is the basis for most inbound marketing and marketing automation tools we use at Seota. The basic concept is to get permission to market to someone by offering valuable information ‘free products’ in exchange for an email address.

With that in mind, here are a few of the questions we get about Digital Marketing from our clients and prospects.

Do I Need a Digital Marketing Team?

Yes, you most certainly need someone responsible for driving traffic via digital channels. Most small businesses rely on small agencies to deliver most of the services. This approach is smart and cost effective. Most small businesses can not afford to staff a full digital marketing team. There are too many roles and activities that need to be done.

Digital Marketing Roles at Your Company

If you are a small business with under 25 million in revenue you may outsource most of digital marketing to a Digital Marketing Agency. If you run a very digital oriented business or a business with significant revenue you may have some or all of the digital marketing staff in-house.

Typical roles and responsibilities for digital marketing:

SEO drives organic search engine traffic to your business. (hopefully targeted traffic)

An 1. SEO Manager typically manages the in-house SEO strategy and tactics and assigns task the 2. SEO analyst or 3. SEO Technician. The SEO manager will also typically be responsible for reporting and tracking of the SEO teams impact on the business.

Content Marketing is a critical piece to the puzzle that is often overlooked at small businesses. You need fresh content and content that your target market is willing to trade an email address for.

Social Media Marketing will use content created by your content team to drive engagement on social media and hopefully traffic to your website. You social media marketing team should have organic and paid social campaigns going most days of the week.

Email Marketing will use promotions and content to communicate with clients and prospects that have given your permission to communicate with them. Returns on email marketing have been on the decline for years. The more you can segment and target your email marketing the more impactful it will be.

PPC management specialist will mange your online advertising campaign this should including optimizing the campaign based on analytics and conversions.

Marketing Automation can be used to manage many repetitive tasks

Does Digital Marketing Work for All Businesses?

YES! Digital marketing is essential to your business and can work for any business in any industry. It does not matter what you sell or who your customers are. If you are thinking about digital marketing for your company, Seota Digital Marketing offers a full suite of options and we can customize a plan to fit your budget. There are other companies that focus on online promotions, SEO or any one of the other digital disciplines.

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