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Designing your website from the ground up to be uniquely yours. A lot of “web design” firms buy pre-made templates (themes) and then customize them. These firms don’t know how the site is working under the hood and they don’t know how to optimize your site for mobile and search. They just change the pictures and text of someone else’s work and sell it to you as new.

Don’t buy a website from a template jockey who pretends to be a web designer.

The real problem with the fake web design firms (almost every design firm in our home town of Frisco is really just a theme jockey firm) is that these ‘designers’ charge you as much or more as the real design firms that actually build you a unique website.

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The benefit of using a Web Design company that knows what is going on under the hood and actually knows how to build websites are many. The downside of using a bloated pre-made theme can cost you a lot of revenue. here are just a few of the issues with pre-built themes.

  • Theme Jockey websites have 1,000 of lines of junk code that your actual site will no use. This makes the site much slower and less search engine friendly.
  • When there is a problem the Theme Jockey firms will work around the issue instead of fixing it. (they don’t know how to fix it)
  • The Theme Jockey probably paid $35 for your website theme that they are customizing.
  • A custom build website will out rank a theme site every time with less work.

Seota Will Build Your Custom Website for Mobile Users

Your mobile users and your desktop users have different reasons for visiting your site. If our customers will let us, everyone one of our custom designed websites will look different in mobile. We want the above the fold portion of your mobile site to look like a mobile app. It allows your mobile users to quickly do what they came to your website to do.

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When we design your website each of your specific users groups will have quick access to what they need in order to contact you, find your locations, or convert to a customer.

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Web Design For Your New Website

Your website is your most important marketing asset it can be the difference between your business struggling or being profitable. Amateur websites that are rarely updated may make you look like you are out of business. It is time to improve your digital marketing.

  • Responsive design makes your website site user friendly on all screen sizes (i.e. mobile)
  • FAST websites help you convert more clients
  • Over 50% of your web traffic is mobile – what do they see?
  • Instill confidence in prospects to spend money with you
  • Make it easy for prospect to click to dial
  • Integrate your website with social media
  • Increase positive online reviews
  • Collect and share testimonials
  • Improve your brand
  • Increase revenue
  • Put Your Website To Work.

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