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  • August 3rd, 2022

7 WordPress Plugins Every Web Agency Should Pay to Use the Pro Version

WordPress Plugins Where The Pro Version is Best for Agencies

The abundance of plugins offered by WordPress is one of the biggest benefits of using the CMS. Many of the plugins are available at no cost and offer a sizable number of features and functions to make your site more robust. But frequently, we discover that it’s best to get the premium version of the WordPress plugin. Considering premium plugins are sometimes not inexpensive, it’s critical to understand what is available and which options will best meet your business needs. In this article we’ll examine 7 premium WordPress plugins every WordPress Agency should pay to use on their client sites.

We’re recommending these paid plugins because they’re typically better. Even the finest free plugins frequently offer commercial upgrades or add-on features that enable a group of developers or an entire business to develop the best plugin in a certain area.

So sit back and enjoy the review and recommendations.

1. WordFence

Wordfence is among the most popular and installed security plugins for WordPress sites. We love this plugin because it continues to monitor and also protect the websites we help create against malware attacks. Another good aspect of Wordfence is that it enables us to view intrusion attempts that were blocked by it, and set in place advance blocking for extended security of the site.

Once you have Wordfence installed, it will scan your website for malware, block suspicious activity, and monitor your site’s security. The paid version of Wordfence gives you the best in site security. It comes with innovative features and you shouldn’t have any problem running its default settings, which work well on most websites. But if you want to customize it to suit your protection requirements, it comes with a setting page that you can tailor to meet your needs.

There are also rules for the firewall and scans. Firewall settings and file and directory scanning parameters can be specified here. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, don’t mess with these settings.

Keep in mind to save your work when you’re finished.

The Wordfence security scanning tool is powerful. Just go to Wordfence > Scan and start a scan. Once initiated, the plugin will start a search for common threats such as MSQL injection, backdoors, malicious and suspicious code, etc. Once the scan is completed, Wordfence will display issues found with detailed information on how to fix them.

A lot of a site’s traffic originates from data mining bots, search engine crawlers, and spam bots. Nothing at all to worry about.

DDOS attacks overwhelm websites with hits from certain ips. You can restrict these IPs through WordFence Security’s live traffic feature.

This tool collects useful information, but it doesn’t benefit website owners. Most attack bots employ IP ranges from global networks. IP blocking is challenging.

When an IP network is blocked, the botnet moves to another. You can’t win by actively monitoring and banning things.

The Pro Version Pricing for Wordfence starts at $39-$99 a year. You can get bulk licensing at different pricing options.

2.   All In One WP Migration

The next item on the list of important paid plugins is the “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin, which has millions of downloads and installations, plus tens of thousands of positive ratings and reviews. The purpose of the plugin is to facilitate WordPress file downloads without requiring technical expertise.

All-in-One WP Migration is an intriguing plugin since it offers a drag-and-drop intuitive interface for uploading your website to a different venue, making for a beautiful experience. Find and replacement options are accessible during export, and any serialization issues are resolved as well.

One-Stop WP Migration WordPress Unlimited extension

The developers behind the All-in-One WP Migration plugin have done an excellent job of collaborating with hosting providers. Therefore, you normally do not need to consider the possibility of conflicts or performance concerns.

In addition, the plugin does an excellent job of circumventing some of WordPress’ upload size restrictions. It accomplishes this by moving your site into segments while keeping each chunk below 2 MB. This plugin costs just $69/lifetime premium experience.

The premium version’s extra capabilities include options for restoring backups, omitting files, and collaborating with WP CLI commands.

Attributes That Make All-in-One WP Migration an Excellent Option:

All-in-One WP Migration provides a free plugin with all the necessary functionality for downloading and uploading a website to another location.

No technical expertise is needed to make the transfer. The upload portion includes an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Solutions for limitless “find and replace” and serialization are presented as well.

The plugin has a lengthy array of hosting providers with which it is compatible.

You can upload larger sites because the plugin transfers your site in segments, negating the requirement to keep the total file size under a specific limit.

Larger websites that operate the premium version can get full customer support as well as the ability to exclude data and restore backups.

There are many add-ons for connecting to third-party cloud-based storage services. Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are examples.

Who Needs This WordPress Migration Plugin?

All-in-one WP Migration is suitable for novices who desire a simple drag-and-drop interface. It is also convenient for anybody who desires a straightforward procedure throughout. You need not be concerned about file size difficulties. You should not worry about hosting issues. You need not worry about uploading a difficult file.

3. SiteOrigin

Want to personalize a webpage using a standard template already available in your WP design? If so, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the SiteOrigin plugin, which allows you to develop bespoke designs for your WordPress website content.

It was designed to help you develop an original homepage design, sophisticated contact page designs, plus stunning blog entries. It is a plugin that modifies the default WordPress editor to expand creative choices.

Using the plugin’s drag-and-drop interface, you can construct adaptable page layouts centered on custom grids, and then combine various sorts of content components into the layouts to generate pages with a wide range of capabilities.

If you’re seeking design ideas or have limited time, SiteOrigin has a huge range of customizable, pre-designed templates. If you desire complete control over the appearance of your website’s articles and pages, SiteOrigin is the ideal plugin for you.

We use SiteOrigin inside of the body edit space to create unique layouts without having to create a new template. We never use it as a full-page builder, but some companies do.

4. Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Plugins like Advanced Custom Filed Pro are great for developers and WordPress site owners who want to create custom fields because they enable them to do so with simple input and output functionality. With WordPress custom fields, authors can assign different metadata to any post. The metadata can be assigned to do anything, such as specifying the date when certain posts will expire, linking external URLs with specific posts, etc.

Advanced Custom Field Pro is a great customization tool that enables site owners to add additional content fields to their WordPress site and, as well, take full control of their fields. With the pro version, users can include an unlimited number of fields as they want. They can also modify screens with a few button clicks. The features also allow you to add fields anywhere, including posts, articles, messages, users, blog posts, taxonomy terms, customized alternate WebPages, and comments. The pro version also enables you to display the value of your customized fields in any form of theme, document, layout, files, and more.

Each field has settings that specify where and how data is loaded as well as saved. When updating and improving an area group, these settings can be changed. There are some common setups that all regions use. However, each area type also employs its own configurations. By learning more about the region’s types, one can locate these unique surroundings. Other features included in the Pro version are PHP blocks, Page Building Tools, Repeatable Fields, Custom Options Pages, Clone Fields, and Media Galleries.

Advanced Custom Field Pro is available in three options. The pro version for personal use costs $49 for a single website; the Freelancer option costs $149 for 10 websites, and the Agency option costs $349 for unlimited websites. Our Agency uses ACF Pro on every website we build

5. Asset CleanUp

Numerous WordPress optimization plugins are now available, and most of them function pretty similarly. The majority of these plugins strive to provide a little bit of everything in an effort to be seen as an all-in-one solution. However, not all developers are successful in this endeavor.

WordPress by default loads every plugin you have installed on every page. This can slow your site down drastically. We use Asset CleanUp Pro to tell WP which plugins to load per page.

Asset CleanUp Pro declutters your WordPress site by not loading unnecessary (and frequently big) HTML code, CSS files, and JavaScript libraries. The term “assets” is used to describe all of this unneeded code. Asset CleanUp makes sure that code is only loaded when it is required on your website.

Page Speed Booster: Asset CleanUp Pro does not attempt to do just that. Instead, it notes that the plugin functions optimally in collaboration with some other performance plugins, such as caching plugins, as soon as it is installed. A fascinating basis for a performance plugin.

Personally, we appreciate this straightforwardness and appreciate it when creators concentrate on a particular topic. Why? because it frequently results in very targeted optimization of that region. This is because every developer has advantages and disadvantages, especially when working with WordPress.

Therefore, in our opinion, this situation more than any other is where the adage “If you do everything, you can’t do anything particularly well” applies.

For this article, we were interested in learning what the Asset CleanUp developer could achieve and how beneficial the plugin is to WordPress users. For this reason, we downloaded the plugin and gave it a rigorous test. Now, are we ultimately persuaded by it or were we continually let down? You can take our word for it; we were more than happy to have used it.

What is the price of Asset CleanUp Pro?

CleanUp Pro offers three paid plan options. The Basic Plan is for one website and costs $49. The Plus Plan is $79 for three websites, and the Unlimited Plan costs $149 annually for unlimited websites.

6. Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the leading SEO tools you can get. It is a must-have for all WordPress website owners because it comes with many rich features that enhance your website’s SEO experience. The interface is easy and clean to use. You can measure and track any keyword, get support for structural data, and more.

Setting up Rank Math is like a walk in the park, plus you get full control over your SEO settings. You can easily switch between easy and advanced modes at any time. And with the brief explanations under each setting, you’re kept informed about what each of them does when enabled. You can optimize your pages and posts easily with the orange button located at the top, right corner of your dashboard. Once you click the button, you will see how your pages or posts will score concerning SEO performance.

Rank Math also makes things easier for you to connect your site to services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This enables you to view your website’s performance across search engines and you get to see how customers are finding you right on the website. The rank tracker feature makes it easy for you to track your main keywords and the clicks they receive, and see how they’re performing in the search engines.

With automated media SEO, rich snippets, and innovative schema markup, Rank Math helps to make all your content top quality with the best captions, tags, and descriptions. Rank Math supports many other features, including bbPress and BuddyPress, AMP technology, the ability to track and keep tabs on the five worst and best-performing posts, 404 monitoring, and 301-302 redirects.

Rank Math Pricing

The Rank Math pro version for solopreneurs and individuals costs $59, while the business option costs $199, and it’s suitable for businesses, freelancers, and agency owners.

7. Ninja Forms

Now, you don’t have to be a professional or seasoned web developer to produce elegant, user-friendly, and promotional WordPress forms—thanks to Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms is a versatile form builder for WordPress that can be expanded with add-ons for CRM, email marketing, and payment processing. There is a reason why it has more than a million active installations. It boasts a refreshingly simple UI that is user-friendly for beginners, while simultaneously providing powerful capabilities for developers. Paid plans have a 14-day refund guarantee and are free to download and run.

There are just 16 templates available in Ninja Forms, including a blank form alternative, so it doesn’t have the largest choices. With templates for quote requests, contact forms, job applications, questionnaires, MailChimp newsletter registration, and feedback, it’s safe to assume that most of these templates are business-oriented.

You may adjust the arrangement of form fields and add additional form fields, including explanations for form fields, to guide users to the details you want them to contribute.

What makes Ninja Forms great is that it allows users to access its premium add-ons without subscribing to any membership plan. This means you can access over 40 add-ons like Look & Feel, Payment Gateways, CRM Integration, and more. Moreover, there is no limit to how many forms or the number of fields you can have on your forms. You are free to build as many forms as you can—all thanks to Ninja Forms. It offers a drag-and-drop user interface with a simple workflow that doesn’t clog up your screen. You can’t get it better with another plugin-safe Ninja Forms.

Ninja Form Pricing

Ninja Forms offers three pricing options. The “Personal” option costs $99 a year. The “Professional” option costs $199 per year, and the “Agency” option costs $499 a year.

Final Thoughts

So we rounded up the best 7 WordPress plugins that every website agency should pay to use. We see why many WordPress site owners and developers are moving to these plugins. They offer effective website management and improvement capabilities that ensure scalable business performance and rewards. If you feel you are not a tech specialist, our tech experts at Seota Digital Marketing can be of help. We build highly functional, engaging, and innovative websites with state-of-the-art features that are responsive and conform to modern business needs. Our digital strategy, excellent website building, and professional SEO record and experience will help leverage your potential and grow your business.

If you need these or more advanced features for your WordPress site, contact us to help you set up the best plugin and website for your vision.

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