Answer as best you can. We may have discussed some of this in phone conversations but this allows us to document it formally.

Website Design Questionnaire

Tell us a little bit about your current brand guidelines.

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  • Client Information
  • Project Information
  • Brand Information
  • Features
  • Website Appearance
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Contact Info





Client Information

Provide a brief statement about your company & business:

What products or services do you offer now, and what will you offer in the future?

What makes you better / different than your competitors?

Project Information

Is there a Deadline? (If so please list the date)

Will this be a new website design or redesign of an existing website?

Who is your target market? (you can describe multiple segments)


Do you have specific brand colors?

If Yes, please provide your brand's colors (hexcode or CMYK)

If you have preferred fonts, please list them.


Does your website need ecommerce features?

What do you need your website to do?

Additional Features

Website Appearance

Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of websites that you like and take note of specific elements on the site.

What colors would you like to see us use on your new website? Are there any colors you would like us to avoid?

What are all the elements you would NOT like on you site in terms of text, content, color, graphic elements?

Do you have any images to use in the design of your site?

More Info

What are the main navigation links that will be visible on the main page of your site? How many pages will the website have roughly?

What is your number 1 business problem? How could a new website assist you in solving this problem?

What products or services do you offer now, and what will you offer in the future?

Do you currently have Google Analytics?

Do you currently have Google My Business setup?


How often would you require updates?

Please include any other information you feel would be helpful in achieving a winning design the first time.