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If you are seeking a top-tier social media advertising agency that provides exceptional services at an affordable price, Meet Seota, Your New Agency.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Social Media Marketing & Advertising is one of Seota's specialties. With over 1 billion daily users on Facebook, if you are not advertising on Facebook, you are missing a huge opportunity. Our Frisco Facebook Advertising Company ensures your small business’s Facebook ad campaign will reach the right target audience with the right message at the right time.

Our full-service Facebook Ad campaigns include a variety of services that start with building a sound strategy and producing creative to support that strategy.

FACEBOOK AD MANAGEMENT Our in-house team manages your AD spending while focusing on getting your company the best return on your investment. (ROAS is the KPI we measure, return on advertising spend). We have a full creative team to manage build the ads and writing ad copy.

FRISCO FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT AGENCY:  Investing in a paid social campaign is an important decision that can improve your footprint on Facebook and drive leads, appointments, sales, and brand recognition. Our Frisco Facebook Advertising Agency will lead and manage your company’s Facebook Ad’s to improve its exposure while reaching your targeted audience.

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Machine Learning-Driven Ad Buying and With Programmed Strategies

We pay for the best ad buying technology on the planet. Our AI/Machine Learning ad software learns as it goes and with pre-programmed strategies, we can get the more bang for your advertising spend. Our highly specialized team works with the software and helps it learn the best way to find customers for your business.

Look-Alike Audiences Just Got More Powerful

One of the most powerful tools on Facebook is the lookalike audience. We can take a snapshot of your best customers, build a custom audience on Facebook, and then use Facebook to find people who "look like them" from a behavioral standpoint. When you combine the lookalike audience with our machine learning platform, we can do things others only dream of.

Full-Service Facebook Ad Agency

Our full-service Facebook Ad Agency will assign an account rep to work with you to determine what the appropriate goals, targets, and strategies are so our in-house team can create and manage your ads in an effort to achieve those goals. Facebook offers many targeting options that should be taken advantage of to target the right audience. Let our experts help achieve your goals.

Once your Facebook campaign is up and running, our FB experts actively monitor all aspects of your campaign to ensure that it is delivering the best possible results. Facebook is constantly altering the ad platform and our Frisco Facebook Advertising Company stays abreast of these changes. This allows us to make campaign recommendations and improvements as needed to achieve your desired goals.

Getting The Most from Your Advertising Budget

Businesses from all sectors and sizes use advertising to drive revenue and improve customer acquisition. Old methods like direct mail and displaying random ads to random people don't make the impact they did just a couple of years ago.

To be successful and get the most from your advertising budget, you need to be able to use detailed targeting to get your message in front of the right people at the right time. With social media advertising, we can use advanced targeting to help you get the most out of your budget. We can target potential customers based on previous behavior, demographics, or based on how closely they match your current customer profile. Don't waste your ad budget. Contact Seota today.


Seota is a professional digital marketing agency in the Dallas DMA that provides exceptional service and competitive prices .

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