Restaurant Review Management

Online reviews for your restaurant need to be cultivated, managed and integral to your marketing strategy. We believe in the power of reviews so much that we built a very powerful tool to help you get customer feedback and nurture customer reviews.

Seota uses Review Fire to solicit feedback, manage feedback and reviews as well respond directly to reviews from the RF portal. Review Fire is integrated to Google My Business, Facebook and a number of POS systems.

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Reviews and SEO

Using the Review Fire WordPress widget we can your internal client feedback (reviews) and push them into the Google search results. We have clients that have 1.000s of real client feedback that Google treats like any other feedback or review people make on the web. Using the Review Fire WordPress widget inserts user generated content directly into your website. Giving you fresh, keyword rich content that you don’t have to get create. That is just one of the many benefits of the Review Fire system being used by Seota.

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