Web Design for Frisco based Gardiner Ray

Frisco, TX

Seota Skills Used

  • B2C
  • Web Design
  • WordPress


Real Estate


appraisal website design

Project Description

Property Appraisal Website for Frisco Based Gardiner Ray Appraisals

One of our many Frisco, TX clients. Gardiner Ray came to us via referral from another local client. They are a very busy little company and the development schedule on this project was SLOW. Much slower than our normal 3-6 weeks for a small business website. We were happy to accommodate them and bring the project around on their schedule instead of ours.

This site was created as a Photoshop drawing and then coded for HTML5 & CSS. Once the HTML was approved our Frisco, TX WordPress team created the site in WP with all the custom features required to manage the different content components.  If you visit the Staff page and click any of the staff, you will see a little of our custom work in action.

Web Design for Frisco based Gardiner Ray by Seota Digital Marketing Frisco, TX - Dallas, TX