Texas Candidate Gets A Website Platform

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Project Summary

A strong candidate for Congress needs a great website.
We think the new V for Congress website meets the challenge.

Veronica Birkenstock for Congress needed a website to reflect her love for her country and her can-do attitude.

The site is bright, patriotic, and ready for work. Just like the Candidate. This website started as a custom drawing in Photoshop as a PSD and was cut into WordPress by our fantastic development staff.

Volunteers for the candidate added the content.

Tools used: WordPress, PhotoShop, CSS, XHTML, Bootstrap Responsive Grid System

Visit V4congress.com

Feature Points for this Project

Our Artist almost got this right on the first try. Changes to the design were minimal.

The count-up widget to count the ‘Days Since’ on the home page was custom coded.

The V in the Flag in the Banner matches the V for Congress Theme.

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Project Details

  • Frisco, TX

Full detail

  • Frisco, TX