Sophisticated eCommerce Design

Miami, FL

Seota Skills Used

  • API
  • API Integration
  • Automotive
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Web Design




eCommerce Website Design

Project Description

Magento eCommerce with Sophisticated API Integrations

This site is still on our Dev Server – the client has not taken the website live yet – you can visit the website but the hosting server can’t handle 70k products – it is out of disk space.  We will update this post once the client moves to a Magento worthy server environment.

We integrated Magento eCommerce with the Turn14 API to look up parts per vehicle make, model, sub-model, and year. Turn14 requires another API to match the car id to the part id – we also integrated to that list of automobiles. The site search and integration worked like magic until we ran out of server space.

This site was drawn in Photoshop and then converted to a Magento theme. Every aspect of the website is custom-built. We hope the client spend the money to move to a production-quality server soon.

Project Highlights