B2B Secure Shredding Website

Houston, TX

Seota Skills Used

  • API
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Multi-Location
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Development


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Sierra Shred
Shredding Website

Project Description

Houston and Dallas Business Document Shredding Website

This website design replaced an ancient website that used a crazy directory naming convention that caused severe SEO issues when had to migrate the site. There was no way to keep the taxonomy of the website structure. It took us 4 months of diligent SEO work to turn this site around. Our favorite great Houston area shredding company.

B2B Website Design

Sierra Shred deals with business and residential customers but we took a B2B approach with the design. Quick access to web forms and phone numbers as well as a lot of content make this website work for businesses looking for shredding.


  • Complicated dynamic quote forms
  • Multiple advertising landing pages
  • A ton of location-based content
  • Deep SEO across multiple cities.