Rascal Man Shopify Design

Dallas, TX

Seota Skills Used

  • B2C
  • Shopify
  • Web Design


Hair Products


Shopify Website

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Shopify Design and Development for Rascal

Project Description

Rascal is a Shopify eCommerce store that sells men’s grooming products that has a retail and wholesale component. Rascal came to us for a website complete redesign in order to get a Shopify theme that matched the brand. The previous theme was a theme from the Shopify Theme store, and those themes tend to be well-coded but it is very difficult to make them line up with a brand strategy. Seota handled the Design and Web Development on this Shopify project.

Seota started the project by drawing our vision for the site in Figma. After a couple of iterations based on client feedback, we were off to the races. The project was completed in under six weeks. Seota Digital Marketing took advantage of Shopify’s JSON platform instead of using LIQUID for this project.

The site looks great and performs even better.

Rascal Shopify Site Responsive Design