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Project Summary

Custom Development

Our world-class development team builds a lot of web technology that is not for public consumption. We call them private portals – but they vary in scope and functionality.

Here are just a few of the private portals we built using state of the art web technology, API Integrations, and data-as-a-service,

Custom Lead Portal:

This project pulls data from multiple data sources including in-store Point Of Sale Systems & Cloud-based CRM. We use the portal to track lead performance from our Facebook ads for a group of franchise owners from Vegas to Chicago. In a nutshell, we match all the leads in the CRM to the store’s POS system to see how much money each lead generates. The portal also acts as a lead management system. Allowing in-store personnel to see, call, and follow up with leads and update lead status.

Business Management Portal

This project is much more than a standard portal. This project allows the customer to manage all aspects of their business from appointment setting to billing from a portal that we built. In addition to having multiple user-specific portals for our customer’s staff, this system allows for different access control and functionality for our customer’s clients to log in and manage work orders. Seota built every function in this portal from the ground up.

Member Management Portal

We built and donated a software tool for the American Legion to manage their members, meeting check-ins, and much more from a custom portal. The portal has great reporting and Seota picked up the tab for 100s of hours of programming labor.

Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, and Core PHP.

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  • Dallas, TX

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  • Dallas, TX