Website Design for NYC Cybersecurity Firm

New York City, NY

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  • WordPress


Cyber Security


New website

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web design for cybersecurity firm

Project Description

Rhymetec came to Seota after an NYC design firm failed to deliver a design that Rhymetec felt captured the brand’s spirit. Seota held two design meetings with the client, and then our designers put forth our first version of the design; what you see is very close to the original concept.

The site was designed in Figma, and the client gave us ample feedback that allowed us to move quickly through the creative process. Once the design was approved, our HTML team sliced the concept into CSS and HTML. Then we built the admin functions needed to manage the unique design in WordPress.

The WordPress integration was the quickest part of the project because all of the heavy lifting was done early in the process.

The site features a lot of unique design elements, as well as custom icons and a few subtle SVG animations.

Seota has a focus on MSP marketing.

You can visit the live site here: https://rhymetec.com/.

Web design for cybersecurity firm in NYC