Cafe and Bakery Website in WordPress

Frisco, TX

Seota Skills Used

  • API
  • API Integration
  • B2C
  • Multi-Location
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Development


Pastry, Food


website design bakery

Project Description

Multi-Location Bakery. SEO, Digital Marketing, and Website Redesign.

Update May 5, 2018. We have done a new design for Celebrity Cafe and Bakery.

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery is based in Frisco, TX, and has three (3) DFW Restaurant Locations and they serve some of the most delicious baked goods in N. Texas. We are proud that they selected Seota to build their new website and handle all of their digital marketing.

This responsive website focuses on quickly getting clients to their local bakery and driving conversion for custom made cakes. Other key points of interest would be the Local SEO and Google My Business integration. This site is tied directly via the widget to client testimonials on Review Fire.

This restaurant website has a custom-built WordPress Theme drawn in Photoshop and then sliced by our CSS experts. Built from the ground up for our client’s satisfaction.
100% responsive with a customized mobile look and feel. If this site doesn’t make you hungry for fresh-baked in Seota Marketing then nothing will.

Unique Users From Search UP 20% (in 7 days).

Conversion Rate for Online Forms UP 130%