Car Care Central Website Design

Plano, TX

Seota Skills Used

  • API
  • Automotive
  • B2C
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Development





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Car Care Central
Car Care Central Website Design

Project Description

This Plano, TX auto repair client was using an outdated website that was built on a WP Theme that was widely used on the internet. The site was slow and bloated as most pre-made theme websites are. We used one of our base auto website projects and customized the code and mobile functionality to fit the clients needs.

This website is in WordPress and uses a custom Review Fire API Integration and is integrated to the clients Repair Orders system (ShopBoss)

Key features of note:

  • Mobile users have all of the vital information they need at their finger tips. One click to call, get directions or to schedule an appointment.
  • The marketing team at the owners business were involved in design decisions
  • This is from our Fast Deployment design set. Similar sites can be live in 7 days,
  • Auto Repair Website with API and Review Fire