Another Great CBD Web Design

Coccoa Beach, FL

Seota Skills Used

  • B2C
  • Web Design
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress


CBD,. Pharmaceutical


Another Great CBD Web Design by Seota Digital Marketing Frisco, TX - Dallas, TX

Project Description

CBD website design in WooCommerce and WordPress

This CBD website was built mobile-first and we backed into the desktop design. We see a common issue with the way banners are handled on mobile, and we have fallen it the trap as well. For this design, we create the desktop version with three distinct content areas in the banner to reflect what we wanted on a responsive mobile screen. We can then control the content and mobile stacking per area. The result is a beautiful banner on the desktop and great content stacked in the mobile design.

This design started as a drawing in WordPress – drawn by the team at Seota Digital Marketing. Once the client approved the drawing, we “sliced” the design for HTML and then migrated it to WordPress.

The site uses WordPress, WooCommerce, and a few custom applications we built in house.