A Job Portal with Google Jobs API

Tampa, FL

Seota Skills Used

  • API
  • API Integration
  • B2B
  • CodeIgniter
  • Photoshop Design
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Development


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AdHires Job Portal in WordPress Web Design by Seota Digital Marketing Frisco, TX - Dallas, TX - USA

Project Description

Adhires is a hybrid website, we built half of it in WordPress and the other half in CodeIgniter (custom development framework). The website features a quick and easy way for companies to post jobs and get their job listed on the Google Job Board in seconds.

In addition to all the features you can see on the front of the website, there is a custom management interface for companies posting jobs, job seekers looking for jobs, and for the AdHires team to manage everything. WordPress is used for the marketing portion of the website and the rest of the design is data-driven.
Website Features

  • Custom Management Portal
  • CodeIgniter Custom development
  • WordPress
  • Google Jobs API integration
  • Microschema
  • Custom Web Design

This project was a lot of fun to work on and we are hoping for big things from the AdHires team.

About the Client

Adhires is a new business that wanted to build an affordable platform similar to Zip Recruiter, but less expensive to use. They came to us with a concept, a sales flow and a logo.

The Challenge

The client desired a robust job posting platform that would integrate with the Google Indexing API as well as use WordPress for the marketing section of the website.

Website Design

We started the process by creating a design comp in Photoshop. We designed all of the major workflows for the custom application as well as the marketing pages. The WordPress web design was executed by our WP design and development team and the Web Application was executed by our Custom PHP team using a common PHP framework.

Web Development

All aspects of the job portal were built from scratch including posting a job, managing companies, locations, resumes, and super admin function. The site is built on a LAMP stack with a widely used PHP framework. (this makes the project more scalable for the client and they are less reliant on our team if they wish to hire in-house staff or change agencies.)